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I am a mother of two kids and we cosleep most of the time. My daughter is now 3 and will either fall asleep in her own bed or sometimes in ours, and then we move her over after she's asleep. We also have a 4 month old son who co-sleeps and nurses in bed. I want to continue co-sleeping but would like to have another option for naps other than the ergo or car when I can't/ don't want to lie down and nurse my son to sleep. I was wondering if anyone has tried the kanoe baby...
I am in the same boat. I really wanted to have a homebirth and decided that even though Mainecare will not cover it, it is a very worthwhile expense. We make very little, so we are at the very bottom of the sliding scale and our midwives are very flexible about payment. I have been wondering if they would cover doula services. I highly doubt that they will, but if anyone knows, I'd love to find out. We have a 3 year old daughter and no family close enough to get to us in...
I am pregnant with my second babe right now and ended up having to buy a maternity coat this time around. I live in Maine and will be pregnant through the coldest parts of the winter, but I'm planning to keep using my maternity coat for babywearing once our son arrives. It's definitely roomy enough to wear a carrier underneath.
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