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Hi there, I have 16 month old and we've been doing EC from the beginning.  We were not able to keep up with peeing, so we try to catch as many as possible, but concentrated on poops.  DS has been been pooping a potty since 6 months except for a few days when we moved and few days when we were traveling.  He can speak qu.  ite well and asks for potty or says poop.     My question is, i just read this...
I loved the bottom four squares: Top Facts, Myth Busting, Feature Image, Feature Video.  A great source for information.  For products, I like the utensil set with case!  Very cool way of keeping the lunch bag clean :)
I do hr block feeding since he doesn't make it through one breast in a feed.  It helps sometimes, except at night when there is 3 or 4hours between feeds - in those cases the foremilk supply is already regenerated!  
Hi all, My 9 week old is a grazer and it's interfering with his ability to sleep for a decent amount of time.  I know all about letting the baby dictate his feeding schedule and I'm fine with waking up and being available for him, but I really think he'd be less fussy and overtired if he ate for longer than 5 minutes through the night and day.  More importantly, I produce a lot of foremilk, so when he only eats for 5 minutes then not again for 2 hours, he only gets...
Good point about positioning.  I have a hard time holding him so he isn't crunched forward a bit, especially when holding him over the toilet...he's still so small!  I'll focus on keeping him leaned back and hopefully it helps.   Thanks!
Hi there, We are venturing into the world of ECing with our 6 week old DS.  We've found he will always pee when held over the toilet, and if we have got the cues right, we catch lots of his poops.   We hold him by the backs of the thighs over the toilet or a bucket and have found that he often he pushes so hard to eliminate that he makes himself throw up.     Is this normal?  I just hope we aren't teaching him to really push hard!     Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: