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Thanks, Mamita! I will google T-Tapp (and, actually, "weaning depression" - I had not thought of that search phrase...)...it's just good to know you are not alone!
Hello all, About 3 or 4 weeks ago I successfully night weaned my 3 year old daughter. I could not believe how easy it was, but that is another story. I think we were ready. Anyway...in addition to the night weaning, over the last week or so we have been drastically cutting down on daytime nursing (my girl has been one of those avid nursers, but again, that is another story!). We are still nursing once in morning and then and then no nursing until bedtime -- or...
I am hardly on the Mothering forums but just stumbled across this message and wanted you to know you are not alone! Lack of sexual energy/desire has been a huge issue for me & my husband since we had our baby (who is now 2.5 years old - think we've had sex three times since she was born, so I"ve got ya beat!) He has no problem about libido, it's pretty much me. But I"m at home all day parenting and after nursing our daughter to sleep, when I finally go downstairs I just...
coyotekat,to t thank you for sharing a success story. I kind of gave up on the "plan" for awhile. But last night I suddenly thought, as I nursed my girl at 11:00 after nursing her every 20 minutes since 8 pm, I thought: "I am a human pacifier...is this really good for me? good for her?"  As I used to remind myself through nicotine withdrawal 5 years ago when I finally managed to kick the habit: "The only way out is through." I think that applies to helping my girl...
wow, thanks for the tip!
Hi everyone, Do any of the Iowans here know of any holistic and/or AP friendly doctors for the Little Ones -- or have a family practice doctor that you just really, really love? Thanks! simoney
Wow, thanks for that link! One of the most helpful "how tos" I've seen yet...of course, that doesn't mean it will work, but one can only try. It's so hard to follow through with plans when giving the child the breast results in instant quiet...but maybe these experiments (when they fail) remind us part of why we are doing family bed in the first place!
What is Jack Newman's plan?! I want some of that. Just starting exploring his website, and haven't found the "plan" yet but I will poke around some more...good luck with your move back in! It's always comforting to know others who are dealing with similar situation. I don't know a single woman who is breastfeeding a toddler in my 3-D life.
Hey! I did this...though my career wasn't exactly lucrative as a librarian and we live in a small rural college town, so the financial transition does not sound as dramatic as yours will be...having done this (quit my job in August), I personally have no regrets. The first week was kind of euphoric. Then reality set in, right? Biggest thing I miss about working is just the built in quiet and privacy of an office and the ability to check my email or Facebook without a...
Elizabeth Pantley/Pantly (check spelling!) - The "no cry" sleep solution and she has a follow up that is the "toddler no cry sleep solution" or something like that. Lots of tips and neat ideas for transition - e.g. making a "sleep book" for your baby/toddler with pictures of your own routine...good luck!
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