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spiritofthings!  Of course Durham is ok.  We seem to be 30 minutes from everywhere, including Durham!    Maybe we should all meet in Carrboro at this Weaver Street Market place?  Afternoons are better for me.  How about 2:00 on Friday?    Or if someone would offer, we could do a house play date.  You are welcome to come here, but like I said, it's not childproof!  :) 
Thanks for the tip beanma!    Mariah~  I'd love to hang out!  I'll PM you. 
Is my title desperate enough for you?  Do you feel sorry for me yet???   I need some friends!!!!!  I'm sick of talking adult conversations with my dog!   I'm a new mama to a 6 month old little lady.  We live in the woods in SE Chapel Hill... almost by Jordan Lake.  Would anyone like to meet up at a park or at my (not so baby proof yet) house?  Lily and I would love some company!  We like to hike and craft/sew mostly.  I can even give you sewing...
It's a very long story about a very long (36 + hour) labor!  I'll give you the abbreviated version  ;-)     My mother has always been a huge inspiration to me since she naturally birthed two 9+ lb babies.  I wanted the same for my children.  I was so excited about it!  I had my birth plan all typed up and ready to go.  I was having my baby through a hospital based midwifery.  I was pretty nervous about having her in a hospital, but loved the 3 midwives and 1 MD...
Wow!  What a wonderful birth story!!!  Congrats mama!
HA!  AMEN!  
Thank you so much for your support ladies!    Safari~  I can't thank you enough for sharing your experience.  I've never known anyone to have this catheter, so it's nice to hear a real story about it.    My best friend had an epi-free birth after being induced with Pitocin, and did just fine... and she claims to be a total wuss  :)  I'm not a total wuss, so I feel like I can handle the extra intensity.  I understand that it is just there to help and I know my...
Hey ladies~   I got some lame news today... I am 41 weeks and my blood pressure is really high (160/100), so my MW is wanting to induce soon.  She has put me on bed rest to keep the BP down.  She is letting me have today and tomorrow, but on Sunday, she wants to insert a Foley catheter to dilate my cervix (it's shut tight and thick now).  Then on Monday, she will break my water and administer a low dose of Pitocin to get labor started.    I'm so upset because I...
Great idea!!!  I requested too  :)
I'm so happy for you!!!!  He is so sweet!!!    ~*~Enjoy your boy~*~!!!!
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