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Hey everyone, I didnt know nursing was a risk factor for conceiving twins?  Why is that?  Where can I find more info on that? THanks :)
Oh this sounds really interesting can u tell me more about it?
OP, I didnt do the glucose test, you dont have to it is NOT legally required.  The ONLY test, as far as i know, that is legally required is your blood work at the beginning of pregnancy.  The nasty sugar filled drink that they give u is NOT health promoting to say the least, there was no doubt in my mind that I would not consume that garbage or feed it to my fetus!!
OP, I didnt/dont do any ultrasounds or the dopplar.  The ultrasound does not give anyone any info that is valuable other than if the baby is twins or not!  Lol.  it has not been shown to improve birth outcomes at all, and if they do find a defect, they cant do anything about it til birth anyway!!  The long term effects of US's have not been studied AT ALL.  So no one knows if it increases a certain type of cancer or whatever, nothing has ever been researched, they are...
I liked birth matters too but not specifically as a pregnancy book, her others are much better for pregnancy.  Birth matters is more for any woman I think rather than directed at pregnant women.  It does have good info for pregnancy too of course but I'd read the others while pregnant before this one.
Hey I'm in Montana too!!  I love Ina May's guide to Childbirth, and Nina Planck's Real Food for Mother and Baby :)
We've never used abx, but when i've given the kids liquid ibuprofin in the past it does give them diarrhea, I imagine the abx would be worse bc of what they do to the gut flora, but, I've just washed them like usual and it call comes out.  So my guess would be no it wouldnt ruin them :)  Might stain them for a few washes, but my stains always come out after a few washes!  HTH :)
We avoid flax for sure, it has extremely high levels of phytoestrogens!  The other stuff is excellent, just fine!  IDK about peanut butter for sure, go with your instincts on that one, but I wouldnt hesitate on almond butter.  We do use peanut butter.  Good alternatives to flax are hempseed and chia seed.  My kids will eat coconut oil and chlorella tablets like candy, and have been for a long time lol.  And we use the Lewis Labs brand brewers yeast only, but I try to add...
THanks for letting us know!!   I've also heard of einkorn and emmer grains, anyone know anything about these?  I got some kamut flour and love it but havent made bread with it yet!
U can buy fabric and make your own, lots of patterns online!  I love going on cloth diaper swap group on facebook (the group with 19,000+ members) and getting deals on there!  I'm not very crafty :/  When I only had a few diapers, I just used a pillowcase and hung it on the side of my changing table and put wet dipes in that.  WHen I got more dipes and washed every other day, then i got a pail liner that I hang on the side of the changing table instead so it can hang to...
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