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You shouldn't have any issue getting Rhogam from just about any OB or CNM, even if you aren't continuing with them. It's really important not to skip it, HDN is horrible, and thankfully preventable with Rhogam. Some moms skip the prenatal shot, but since it only takes a few drops to get sensitized, better to just get it every time its recommended. Planned Parenthood can help you out with prenatal Rhogam if you don't have a doc/CNM. (my son had HDN from ABO incompatibity...
The MW probably missed the signs of distress, but it's not totally her fault, its the fault of the lack of technology available at home.The problem is there is no good way to check for fetal distress due to meconium at home. If the water doesn't break and show the mec, there is no way to know at home, besides knowing mom is post dates, which frequently (but not always) is accompanied by mec. A Doppler is good, and hears the heartbeat, but you can't hear the decels or other...
I wouldn't take a chance with mono di twins, the risk of placental abruption is just too high. Heres a story, but let me warn you, it doesn't end well. I did see one more that did end well, but couldn't find it. http://www.anniebourgault.com/2011/08/twin-birth-grieving-my-son.html wikipedia also has some good info on the extra risks of these type of twins. No matter what you choose, I hope it goes well.
Your son may have hyperacusis, and if he does, it is truly miserable, the rage and anxiety due to sound is real. There are 4 types of sound sensitivities, I have 4S/misophonia, which is a hatred for certain sounds, like chewing. Weird, but true! It has made me miserable since I was 5, and was made worse because people are very rude about it, and everyone thinks it's all in your mind. Its not. Here is a link with some good info. Read about all 4 because some...
Get the PKU test! it's rare that a babe has those diseases, but for those that do, it is a true lifesaver. heel pricks may hurt, but a little prick is Ok compared to the possibility of making my kid disabled to afford it. Just my opinion.
Austin TX is for you! There are lots of jobs, great universities, the cost of living is reasonable (compared to the coasts especially), and it's super crunchy, very relaxed. You won't see suits and ties here. Even the mainstream people here would be considered crunchy in other cities : ) Im not a big fan of TX, but this city is cool. It's also very safe, with no "ghetto", even the low income areas are OK. It's a nice place to live, and is one of the most family friendly...
I agree about trying to use the warranty, I have never heard of this and I live in TX. Thanks for the heads up, I would never have thought of this.
US is like anything else- it can be done well and a great fit for a kid, or not. Public school sure doewnt guarantee college readiness!
You should be fine. Not getting prenatal care is not illegal, and no o e can prove you didn't do it on accident. Unless someone you know is against it and thinks it's neglectful, or out to get you, it should be OK.
I'm sorry mama, I hope your babe is OK.
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