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I have talked with him about alcoholism and I did make an appointment with a counsler.  His father is playing mind games with him saying if he lived with him he would get this or that.  I am going to see what the counsler says and see what I can do.  I wish I fought him in the first place but his family has money and drained me in my divorce I gave up.  I could kick myself, of course at the time the father was in therapy and his parents said they would help, so much for...
Thank you for the advice. I did make an appointment with a counsler for me and the children.  I would like to cut back and maybe the counsler will know what I can do.  I want him to be part of their lives but unfortunatly the alcohol is destroying his and I don't want him to drag the children down with him. So Thank you for listening, sometimes just getting it out there helps.
My child whio is 8 wants to live with father...who by the way lives with his mother still.  It is fun over there, they stay up till 3 in the morning. No rules.  Also father is alcoholic and has no license.  Yet his father promises him stuff and also says if I would come back we would be a happy family.  So the fault is always on me.  My son is to young to know really how unhappy we were.  My son knows his father is an alcoholic but grandma also says she will take care of...
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