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Mae: We told his parents and my parents so far. If all goes well with the u/s on the 30th then we will tell BIL and DH's BFF as well as my BFF. Because of my increased chance of miscarriage, we won't tell anyone else except those who see me running from the room from morning sickness until around the 3-4 month mark when it become obvious.
Gemmine: Hoping you get a BFP soon! Your chart is looking good!
Great idea Mae! I'm Bela, 26 and due April 13th. This will be #2 for us. We tried for 6 months. Really looking forward to my u/s appointment on the 30th!
Hi all! I thought I would come over and join you. I remember some of you from the One Thread. I'm Bela, 26, due April 13th with #2. We tried 6 months with opks, fertility monitor, preseed, vitex, soy, b-6 and male fertility drugs too! Finally, left it up to DH to decide when to DTD and we did A LOT and got our BFP! We have our first u/s scheduled for the 30th! Hoping all goes well.
Hi all! My name is Bela, I am 26 and due April 13th. This will be my #2, DS turned 1 July 14th. We just got a call from the doctor today saying my blood test was positive so I felt ready to move here. I have an early u/s scheduled for 8/30 to make sure things are going good. Unfortunately, I have lupus so keeping a pregnancy is really tough. We're really hoping this little one sticks! Oh, and we are planning a HVAC! 
Well, my labs came back good so I think I am ready to move on. You can move me to August BFPs. I hope you all join me in the DDCs soon!
Well, got a call from the doctor and my labs came back good. I am pregnant! I have an early u/s scheduled for the 30th. Hopefully this little one sticks. You can move me to the August BFPs now. Thanks everyone for all your support! I hope you all get BFPs soon! (Really rooting for you Sila! You helped me out so much here.)
Congrats Mae! H & H 9 months!
Mae: I see a line! Hoping you get clear results with the digi tomorrow!   Sila: Fire boobs are still in full action and are driving me insane. The only thing that helps seems to be a sports bra for some reason. As to other symptoms, I went out to lunch today with some friends and as soon as the food came to the table I started feeling nauseous. It got so bad I had to leave the restaurant. Got some blood work done today and will get the results tomorrow. The doc said...
Fnord: I had hashimoto's and something they don't tell you is this - Hashimoto's leads to thyroid cancer. So, it's really important that you are aware of any changing symptoms and keep a close eye on the size of your thyroid. Have them do yearly u/s on it to see if they see any spots too. I got really lucky and made them remove mine after I noticed it was getting bigger. It was completely cancerous and would have spread to my lymphnodes and brain very soon. Good luck at...
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