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Congrats jenny, countrygirl, Nazsmum and jmay! Enjoy your new little ones!
Love the pictures of Violet, carastar!   Congrats Ravensong! Enjoy your new little one!
Congrats AiryFairy! Welcome to the world baby Aries!
Congrats dealic! Enjoy your babymoon!
Thanks for the new thread!   AFM: I had five hours of false labor yesterday. They were my first real contractions too so it was really weird. They were 10 minutes apart and lasted about 30 seconds with no change to matter what I tried. Called the MW to see what she thought and she told me to try a small glass of wine and nipple stim. That didn't work either. MW also said it could happen anytime now, probably this week. I'm hoping so because hours of false labor is...
Congrats FruitofTheWomb! Enjoy your new little one!
Congrats flavorfull! Great pics!   Congrats Rosie! Sorry things didn't go as planned but glad to hear you are both healthy.
Congrats flavorfull! Enjoy your new little one!
Congrats carastar!   flavorfull: I dont have any advice just sending you prayers and speedy labor vibes to help out.
Congrats chiromama and cseky! Welcome Collin and Eleanor!
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