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Great read
I don't have any advice. But I am hopeful your baby will get into a good position for you! Keep us posted and Good luck
It would be really interesting to hear a mother with experience in regard to lotus/placenta consumption reply to this!
Post partum healing and depression can be pretty difficult. Seeing how rough it can be for some new mothers I wonder, Honestly- if it "might" help...WHY not give something 'gross' a try?? Hahaha it's totally fine if it's too out there for some to try. But lots of things that are now the norm were once way out there. And at one time had no evidence as proof. Something's are simply worth a try!
No, our healthcare fully covers hospital or midwifery care, in hospital or at home.  An undisturbed birth was very important to me as *I* believe thats what would ensure the best chances of a safe and gentle birth for baby And mom :)  I hadnt found a midwife that I believed would let me birth undisturbed...SO..
I think she's found herself a wonderful place!  Maybe it's entirely NOT the type of forum she thought she was in, but...I would love for you, Tennia, to learn about Gentle disciplining.  I hope for your children's sake And yours that you will be interested in learning more about it from these mamas...  
ooooh.  hmmm.      
Good question!  I'm really interested what other mamas will suggest...
what a sweet picture!
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