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I know there have been threads on this before but they are fairly old so just sending out another one. Can someone recommend a pedi dentist in RI? Preferably southern RI but we will travel for the right person. I have a 2 year old and we are ready for our first visit. Thanks!
Any idea when the next Meet the Doulas will be?
Hi csprunger! welcome to little Rhody. I too, am from the Cincy area! There is lots of great stuff for little ones in RI. I have an almost 2yr old boy and we do a lot of activities. I will personal message you later in the week so we can chat about a possible playdate. (I am actually headed back to Cincy this weekend for a visit so I will contact you when I return! Once again welcome!
We are looking for an easy potty to start training. My 19mo old is showing interest and we recently purchased a Safety First potty that is waaaay too small and he freaks out any time we go near it. What potty is everyone having the best luck with? I am considering a Bjorn potty but I have read they are cumbersome to empty. Thanks!
Hello Ladies,  Count us in if a play date happens! We live in South County and my little guy is 18 mos.
We got ours after my section. It took a little prodding but it wasnt a big deal.
Has anyone had any experiences with Lucie Bautista?  A friend of mine has used her for her first birth and had great things to say. How about Vbac with her? Any input?  Thanks!!!
LillianB!  It is so nice to hear your story. I too, go over it in my head again and again. (Not as much now but right after my son's birth it was like a broken record.) What did I do wrong? Should I have not gone to the hospital? A million questions running through my mind. It is so disappointing to have to transfer to the hospital after so much planning and anticipation for a homebirth. And even worse to end up with a c-section. However I have made peace with it and I...
RI mamas, any recs for swim classes for a 16 month old? We live in South County but will travel for the right place.
Hi Ladies.   DH and I have been kicking around the idea of having a 2nd baby and I am interested in trying a VBAC but have one concern. With my first pregnancy we tried a homebirth which was wonderful and everything we wanted it to be with the exception of my cervix not cooperating at 9.5 cm. I labored for 36 hours at home and was in transition for upwards of 8 hrs with an OP 10lb baby. Needless to say I was exhausted and began to have a hard time with pushing. My...
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