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We have good nights and really bad nights.  The bad nights make me feel like a terrible mother and sink me into depression...  How are you all doing?
Yes pretty unusual but I insisted!!    
That is so great mrscookie we have a similar story!  My baby flipped finally under the loving hands of a midwife version at 39 weeks so it is possible!  I also did chiro and moxa and all that you mentioned!     My baby was born a home two days ago...
I have a girl too!!  Baby Nel was born on 2/2 at 4:28 am after 30 hrs of labor.  She was born at home, my Lil sweet pea!  We were soo (happily) surprised with a GIRL!
Not really.  Some menstrual type cramps. A lot of hope and wishful thinking!  
oef, that seems really hard. you want to focus on having a baby and meanwhile you have to focus so much on logistics!!
i should update here and say - my baby has flipped!!!!  it feels like a miracle :)
Absolutely!  I am trying to rest as much as possible!
Yep, I am 39 weeks tomorrow.  it was insanely late to still try a baby flip.  But we all worked as such a team - two midwives, my baby, myself, and my husband.  It was amazing.  I am looking forward to birth now :)   I JUST got back from the midwife, a paranoid visit just to check that that baby is still down.  Baby is, and head is starting to engage.  I think I can really relax this weekend.   Thanks for all your support mamas!  I think positive thinking had a...
I cant believe it. After chiropracter visits, moxatherapy (accupressure) and not one but TWO attempts at external version (way way way intense) we just succeeded in flipping the baby. I am THRILLED. But also incredulous.
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