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why is it that the magic number of 42 weeks has everybody going into some great panic... like does every baby die that reaches 42 weeks and a day.... why cant everyone be monitored every few days for placenta function and amniotic fluid etc?? It is idiotic to think every woman's gestation period is between 37 and 42 weeks... I know plenty of women who have gone to 43, 44 and yes even 45 weeks with no complications... some of their babies were a bit wrinkly but...
I am very surprised by this response... why would anyone want to give a woman a drug that the pharmaceutical company intended for ulcer treatment to induce labour??? Why would anyone want to give a woman a drug that is in pill or suppository form that can cause such tetanic contractions as to harm babies and rupture uteruses.... and cant be turned off... just have to wait for it to wear off..... I thought medical professionals were supposed to "do no harm"..... in my...
I still cant believe they are actually giving this to women to induce labour!! Just thought I would post this in case anyone is interested in reading it!! http://cbc.ca/national/news/forcedlabour/ Renee
I wonder whether that wonderful stuff for healing sore nipples would work too?? I think its natural lanolin from sheep or something!! Good luck and I hope you heal really soon, Congrats on your new baby 2, Love REnee
Shannon, check out this super link on everything you could ever want to know on waterbirth http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/watrbrth.html Renee
Personally I dont think anyone had the right to get offended if you tell them you'd rather not have them at your birth, after all it is "your" birth and the most special time in yours and your families lives.... for myself I had my sister(doula) , mother and DH at my first birth, and my mother drove me crazy, it was a long horrible experience that ended up transferring to hospital, and I can say in all honesty that my mother being there had a part in it.. I just couldnt...
check out this wonderful link on waterbirth- it is a back and forth commentary between midwives about their experiences and there are links at the bottom for supplies, I would be very careful about using a waterbed heater with a blow up pool!! check it out, and good luck Renee http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/watrbrth.html
do you get to go backstage???????????? Renee
that is so weird, as my DS recieved it for xmas and he wont let me read it, no matter how hard I try, maybe he knows its sad and doesnt want any part of it!! I got him one by her for Easter , cant remember the title, it is cute, although I find it hard to read, her writing doesnt have much flow to it!! Renee
I voted pretty good. DH is a great father and husband, if he can put up with me, he's actually a saint!! He does most of the cooking, looks after DS a lot. My only complaints are that we dont talk enough and dont go out enough, although I am prob just as much to blame, cause I'm pretty much a homebody!! I could never imagine life without my DH, he makes my life better!! The only reason I didnt vote awesome is that I am still waiting for that "30's" sexdrive to kick in...
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