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I have much more of a life since I met Mandy(aka Saige), we met online, and usually get together twice a week, its great fun for us and the kids. I dont know any other AP moms, I just hope she doesnt move away on me!! I usually get together with my mom and sister twice a week, usually see my SIL once a week , we never go out at night, and now that I am pg, I go to bed by 9, do I have a life, Sorta I guess!! Renee
Alis, wow, your DH is a veterinary accupuncurist, that is so cool, I wish my DH was a veterinarian, as it would save us a whole pile of money every year. I actually did accupuncture with DS at a Dr. if Chinese medicine, so she definately knew her stuff, but it didnt seem to do a thing, so I quit! Nimamom- I am trying like you say to eat often, its just so tedious, I feel like some kind of "food pit", sent Dh out last night for muffins and doughnuts, needed something...
i think I will try the Vit B, and then move on to the other suggestions after!! Thanks alot guys!! Ren
Does anyone else feel like tossing their cookies 24/7 ??? I dont remember it being this bad with DS, I am at my wits end, how do I make it stop. I find that if I eat constantly its not as bad, but has anyone ever taken something that gave them instant relief. I am feeling so gross, like barely functional, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have tried those wristbands before, and they didnt work!! TIA, Love REnee
I'm dying to know how things go with Cheryl too. I really hope something worked, its just not fair when these things happen,talk about STRESS. Earthymama, I couldnt help laughing when I read your post, at first when you wrote "here is my sexperience", I thought you were going to tell her how having sex put you in labour, but I guess it was just a typo. That is a cool word though, I may just use it sometime!! Renee
My official due date is Nov 30th with #2. I plan on having a homebirth with midwife in attendance. That's it, that's all I guess!! Renee
I picked $125+, but for me that is in Canadian dollars, so I guess maybe I should have picked something a bit lower!! I just know that I spend way too much for just the 3 of us, and half the time a lot of it goes in the garbage, its something I'd really like to improve on!! R.
Thought I would start a poll on the use of anti-depressants, since it seems like a lot of people are on them nowadays. I often think I should be on something for anxiety, but keep putting it off because of TTC or pregnancy or nursing!! Who do you know who's on them and has it made a real difference in their personality!! My mom is on Paxil, has been on some AD for about 25 yrs now. Anxiety, panic disorder runs in our family. respectfully, Renee
You go girl!!! I have a bit of insurance in that I lied about the date of my LMP by 5 days, just to give myself a little lee-way, that way there wont be a "gun to my head" so to speak if I go the magical 14 days over, cause hopefully it wont come to that!! Cant wait to hear about your birth!!! Love
I keep coming up with nothing on this question. I am very familiar with the midwifery system in Ontario, but that doesnt mean I like it. I am currently pg with #2 and contacted a midwife group in my area today, and was told because of the shortage, they only prefer to take people living in the city, I live about 25minutes outside, which is listed in their catchment area, but the secretary, in not so many words, said "they turn away as many as they take", which I inferred...
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