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I never read the book, but I do like her website. I have heard, she has some really different ideas, I think I also heard she had a UC where the baby died!! Maybe try something by Marilyn Moran, R>
I ,2nd AM/PM yoga, with Rodney Yee!! R.
Madethyl, if you are serious about having a homebirth I would highly reccomend joining www.birthlove.com. It is only $10 a yr and well worth the money, there you will find many women who have had homebirths that have had the same dilemma, some of them even went on to have unassisted homebirths with husbands that originally insisted on hospital births. It is a great community and I encourage you to check it out, the owner has a deal on right now where you can check it...
thanks a lot for all your great ideas, and this isnt even my thread, but I am going to steal a bunch of your ideas!! You must have a beautiful garden, we should all post pictures of our gardens , of course I will have to wait until about July to show anything really exciting in mine!! Regards, renee
I am the Anti-Martha, but am trying hard to learn to do something. I can crosstitch but dont have the patience, oh and I really like to scrapbook, even though I am not very good. WHat I would love to try is pressing flowers this summer, anyone ever tried it?? Love REnee
Mine was a planned homebirth, that was transferred to hospital for "failure to progress", which in my opinion is a crock of SH*T R.
"He should have also kept his dick in his pants." How eloquently put!!! Essentially her husband, family, Doctor all failed her!! They should be put on trial!! Of course she should rot in jail too, but I dont think this would have happened if society took mental illness seriously!! jmo, Respectfully, Renee
I ended up being transferred to hospital after 24hrs of labour and "failure to progress", actually it was more like a useless midwife that slept the whole time and didnt give me any advice on how to turn my posterior baby, ended up with a pit drip, epidural, episiotomy, a baby with a broken clavicle and a hematoma, that left him in the NICU for 4 days. Would I have a homebirth again??? YOU BETCHA, only this time with a competent midwife, hospitals, for me, are like hell...
love this thread btw I only discovered Dr. Sears a short time ago, I didnt even know what AP was, or that I was actually doing it, well I read the attachment parenting book and now I'm on the Discipline book, I really like them both. I like how honest he is, when he talks about how he wasnt a good father until about his 3rd or 4th child, too busy being a Dr, etc!! It is great that he is an M.D. because his books will get into the hands of "mainstream people" and this...
Optimal fetal positioning, in other words, getting and keeping your baby in the right position for birth. Avoiding the posterior position, and ways of correcting the posterior position. If my midwife had known or cared to help me get my baby into the anterior postion, my planned homebirth may not have been transferred to hospital where my son sustained a head injury from a incompetent Dr. Good luck with your...
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