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Thanks, mamas! The CLO that I got is Peachy Keen? From Nordic something.. can't remember the name right now. I'll have to check about the mercury. My dd is on the austism spectrum, so that's the other reason that I was really interested in using CLO with her.. I've heard such great things. We are also in the talking stages of going wheat/gluten-free and dairy free as well.
I'm a Prairie Muffin!
Does anyone use this regularly? I was in the HFS today, and one of the employers was telling me that it's wonderful for kids w/ ADHD tendencies, as well as an excellent source for Fatty Acids. I was thinking about using for dd. Both kids already get a daily dose of flaxseed oil.. and she said that using cod liver along with flaxseed would be great for her. (And ds as well, but a lesser dose of the cod liver oil) Anyone else use this?
That is so sweet. My dd is a bigtime lil' mama.
I agree about letting it go, it was pretty immature of the guy to go blabbing it around at work, but that's always a chance when someone over hears something, yk? I am sorry this happened, though! :
I just went to your site, Tanja, and it's beautiful! Your babies are *gorgeous*!!!
Happy Birthday!!! I hope it's a wonderful, blissful day! :
I usually wear pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.. sometimes just the t-shirt.
Quote: Wouldn't Damned IL's be surprised at a house full of people when they were expecting it empty? That is a great idea, too!
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