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Excellent thread!! So many wise mamas! My big one is treating my kids as if today were the only day. Making every minute count. I want them to feel like they are loved more than anything, and feel completely secure in our relationship. I firmly believe that a solid foundation at home is one of the best things that we can give our children!
My dd is going to cheer this year. She is so excited about it, and I am supporting her enthusiasm. I am giving her the choice as to what she'd like to participate in; so far she has tried soccer and gymnastics, and this year really wanted to try cheerleading. The squad she's going to be in doesn't have try outs, and the parents are very involved. I don't really see any harm in it, especially if your child really enjoys it, and isn't gleaning any unhealthy habits or...
Quote: I will tell him anything I would tell a girl and vice versa. If he knows about the menstrual cycle, maybe it will be one less thing to be embarassed or mystified by later. I want my kids to get the correct info from me, not incorrect info from their peers. I'll answer sexuality questions, just like I would any other questions. Ditto for our family!
What a stinky situation. I don't really have any advise, except that it should be up to you what you do w/ your free time, unless they have rules for *everyone* about leaving the campus during free time. Cant you use that as your lunch time? Hang in there, mama!
Oh, I can so relate!!
Welcome to the boards! Great to meet you!
Welcome! It's great to meet you!
Welcome! You've come to the right place!
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