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I had a successful UC on September 15th, 2011 :-)
Springfield, Illinois:     call the county clerks office (in the building where you can pay your CWLP bill by the library) and speak with Dottie.  They won't give you the paperwork until after the birth, but they will mail the paperwork to you quickly.  Mail back $15 and the completed paperwork, very easy paperwork, except you need one witness to sign a form in front of a notary public (this can;t be you or your husband).  I had my parents do it even though they...
Sounds like you are taking great care of yourself and your baby!  I drank tea throughout my pregnancy:   mix of red raspberry leaf, nettles, oatstraw, & rooibos.  It helps tone your uterus to prepare for birth.  Also has alot of nutrition in it.
wow, I looked up birth in France quickly and it seems horrible :-(  Is there a chance you could go visit supportive relatives or friends in another country to give birth?  Are you American?  Do you want the baby to have American or French citizenship?  If you don't want any of the French gov benefits, you may be able to stay out of the system and only get american citizenship?  Perhaps the US consulate could help you with this?   You might try asking your question...
I am having an unassisted birth any day now, and I decided to get prenatal care from hospital-based CNMs.  I decided not to tell them (or many other people for that matter) that I am planning a UC because I am nervous about getting CPS called on me and having drama.  I told the CNMs I had a homebirth midwife. They were ok, 1 was pretty supportive the other 2 were not so much.  It was frustrating and stressful for me dealing with the appointments but I feel safer getting...
http://www.cafemom.com/group/2212/forums/read/12886898/Preparing_for_an_Unassisted_Birth   http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/index.html   I agree with Heart and Hands too. Good luck on your journey!
If the baby continues to be breech, water birth is a great option.  When the baby comes out butt/feet first, there is a risk of the baby taking its first breath while its butt and umbilical cord are exposed to colder air and head is still inside the mother.  This is less of a concern in water, and IMO I would be more comfortable birthing a breech baby into water than air.  But I am very comfortable with UC and breech UC, so know that about me.  
Congratulations!  I am not ready to tell my family so I am impressed by your bravery :-)
Oh and I feel like I am pretty in tune with myself and my body.  But sometimes I totally miss things, that's when my husband steps in and supports me :-)
I too am planning a UC for my first birth :-)  I am due in mid September.   I am not an experienced meditator.  I do meditate sometimes but it is very difficult for me.  What works best for me is to say positive affirmations and I plan on doing this during my labor and delivery.   My emergency kit is a printed copy of emergency childbirth and going to the hospital.  Not much lol.  I also have some shephards purse for after the placenta comes out.      
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