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I am a blogger, and although it took me about a year to bring in an income from my site, last month it did quite well. Our goal is to have my husband work from home in the next four months. It has been a long road to figure out how to 'unjob' and just be self employed in general ( anyone else fail to learn how to be an entrepreneur in school?? I mean couldn't they teach a few classes instead of the emphasis being on getting a job?) but it has been very fulfilling, as I...
THANK you that is exactly what I needed to hear because I prefer to work and get stuff done at night, I had assumed people 'normally' clean in the wee hours of the morning, and I am not a morning person (lol). DO you happen to do meal planning? If so how, do you make like a grocery list based off of recipes? As you can see I am clueless at homemaking.  
I bet you guys will end up going there! That would be an incredible experience as well. I really can't wait to adopt. I investigated into it back when I lived in the States, before I was pregnant. But I was about 23 then and we didn't know what our options were. I would love to adopt from Kenya as I lived there for a month when I was a teen and we visited an orphanage there. It was devistating as all of the children had AIDS or HIV and there was a cemetary in the back....
I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong area ( forum newbie) but I was wondering if anyone can suggest some good books ( or ebooks) or blogs for time management. I am feeling utterly swamped as to what to do when, I am NOT GOOD at organizing anything and was never taught to cook or any homemaking skills. I also work for home and help my husband's site out with marketing stuff, so this coupled with being an unschooling mom and just a moron with organization in general...
That is so wonderful you adopt and got to experience that culture! We have been to China briefly and hope to adopt in the future as well. We were in Beijing and Shanghai as well as Hong Kong. I loved the tea houses, hated the smog lol!!  
My mom is obsessed with Scotland as well, despite the fact she is English lol. She is so happy we are moving, she is going to join us. It sounds like you have in fact traveled a lot!! Did you like China?
Hey there, nice to meet you! Yeah I love the word as well!! There is a family of four in Canada that have a blog about worldschooling, and they are about to move to Asia to begin long term traveling.  
Check out Idlewild in Southern California! We visited it twice. It is a really nice place, pretty friendly but quirky and has a nice arts community.  
So glad I found this tribe! We are an unschooling family of three living in Thailand. For the past year I have attempted to 'unjob' ( work minimally and from home) and I've learned a lot, primarily from my failures. Basically when we arrived the job my husband had fell through, and he really didn't feel like doing a teaching job like he had done when we lived in Korea. Anyhow, at the request of a fried of mine ( who is in MLM) I began blogging and so did my husband. I...
I have actually heard quite a lot of support over the issue. I haven't read it myself, and didn't like the cover, but since I still nurse my 4 year old I decided to take a gander at the pics I saw online. I did see some typical ignorant reactions to extended breastfeeding, but honestly I was stunned to see anthropologists to mainstream MDs say extended nursing is natural. Made me happy!   Elizabeth   Unschooling mama to Kaya
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