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One of my issues with FL was her wearing tennis shoes in the house thing. I dont want people wearing shoes in the house, hahaha! But they have a lot of great tips, nonetheless.
Both my 1st and 2nd were induced, Im afraid. With Abigail I had hypertension and had to be induced with Pit a week and a half early. Labor was about 24 hours. With Grace my midwife was sure I would go since I had been having false labor and I wasnt due for another 3 days. She ruptured my membranes and... I didnt progress and was given Pit. :/ That whole thing was a little over 14 hours.   With my THIRD... it was fantastic! I was freaking out I was going to have to...
I have SPD but I've also been pregnant 9 times in 12 years with only 1 year off from any pregnancy, although I WAS nursing into that time.   I went into labor 4 days early with my first separation (5th) but held off labor SOMEHOW because my husband was stuck in a canadian airport trying to get back. Dont ask me how I did it- I dont even know how- but I managed to progress all night long and meditate even until 10 cent with only 1 cx every 30 min to an hour. As SOON...
 have delivered in 4 different states (Oregon, Washington, Montana and Florida) and never had that issue yet. I like wearing my own stuff too and Im thinking of making my OWN hospital gown this time.  
I always joke around with my husband about heading over to Pottery Barn at the mall nearby when I go into labor and then giving birth on their most expensive bed, hahaha! Large companies eat that sort of media attention up and they would probably donate the bed I delivered on AND a nursery just for more media attention! :P *giggle*   But in reality- my dream birth would be feeling more consistant contractions and realizing I was actually in labor (yeah it might evade...
Im sorry you are going through this :( I have personally miscarried twice (same day 7 years apart) and I KNOW that same hopeful feeling you have. Only for ME I had already started bleeding both times and no heartbeat was detected at 13 weeks.   I say you HAVE hope. Obstetrics is NOT an exact science and miracles do happen. There was a case not too long ago where a mom was told that she was going to miscarry and the best thing for her to do was to have a D&C....
Why oh why is this news...?
Well at this point Im at my witts end. I just got off the phone with the midwife and she all but told me "Sucks to be you, sorry". He is SO low Im having horrible stabbing pains... I cant even walk around. This is ridiculous!!!!!! UGH!  
Yeah? It was sort of like that with the name Kaiya last time. I LOVED it and wanted it for my daughter but we ended up naming her Emmalia Antoinette. When we were studying Acts in the bible we heard the name 'Justus' and both my husband and I looked at each other at the same time and said I like that name. This was just after Emma was born so we had no clue we were going to get pregnant again so soon!
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