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We had a heated discussion about some of this topic last night- only it was mainly driven because HE does the bills and usually just tells me what I can and cant spend when I tell him I have to go to the store for something. I explained to him last night that sometimes it would be nice to have him ask me what I have in mind without immediately putting the things I can get in the confines of a budget. Im not saying that I should be able to go off and spend but it would...
I lost more plug today and lost some last night... but my big thing is that when I cough I get SHARP cervical stabbing pains. It has all but made me freak out about coughing and I think I might be getting a cold!!!   I have a LOT of nerve pains too on the inside of my thighs. I gasp out when he does it and Im thinking of really narrowing down my public time out, hahahaha!~ How embarassing... it happens on the phone too.
Awesome! I know Ive been dilating because I lost a whole lot more of my plug today, but they havent done an internal since I went in with an irritated uterus at 5 mos. Im kind of hoping to get checked at my next appt so I can compare what Im feeling with what the midwife can feel!!!
  I have had my membranes stripped with my last 5 and it hasnt made anything longer. But with PROM, I totally agree. My last birth was great because the bulging waters actually paved the way for her allowing me to have a MUCH smoother transition. She was born 5 min post spontanious rupture. If you are over 5 cent or so it SHOULD be pretty safe to help that along (as long as theyre engaged and there is no cord prolapse) but I generally say , "Keep away from my...
My input is that #1 and #7 of labor is repetitive. I think #7 was covered in #1 entirely. You should review the hospital guidelines too regarding certain things, first for example- taking home your placenta. Some hospitals will allow you to- others will not. It's hospital policy and not up for debate, unfortunately :/   For ME Im having another waterbirth and the fact this is #7 they want me to have an IV line inserted JIC. Mostly being that if I WERE to bleed out...
I have a separated symphasis and I've been looking for a chiro who does it. I know there must be one out there near me that also takes my insurance, lol! But yeah- my hips are wide enough to REALLy let him engage and I feel like my hips are rubber. I cant even rock from side to side :(  
That's good!!! I have dead spots all over my belly from major gall bladder surgery 7 1/2 mos pregnant with my first... so I can TOTALLY relate there! We only have a few more weeks to go!!!  
Here is mine!
I am REALLY sore too, but this is my 7th full term kiddo. Mostly it's because my pubic bone is separated and im just sore all around, but my ligaments are WAY tight. I feel like my hips are being held on with rubberbands in the back... Im figuring from pintching because it's wider in front.   Justus is a freaking GRASSHOPPER and since he has a 4 bedroom mansion in there, he likes to hang out my right side. His bottom usually pokes up at the top of my uterus pushing...
I just wanted to take a moment to encourage those of you who just recently, are in the process of, or are anxiously awaiting to have your little beans! Everything must feel like chaos right now!   Things will settle down into a routine eventually! But how exciting! I hope everyone has fantastic births and healthy babies!!!
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