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Elitegoddess: can you give more info about who is teaching that it is unsafe to have baby's legs out and specifics of why? I have never heard that before but I have heard it recommended that baby's legs be out and from personal experience I agree, as long as baby is properly positioned with knee to knee coverage and knees higher than the bum.
Mamas Milk is a great book. My son could never finish it without asking for some mommy milk of his own
Oh. Woven wrap retailers: Paxbaby Marsupial mamas Granola babies They are all online vendors. Wraps can be overwhelming with different sizes and fabric content. Just find one that you like- if you want it to be super versatile get a longer length not shorter. I'm looking for a link to a page that helps mamas size wraps
Ring slings are great for newborns if you don't mind the one shouldered thing. Soft structured carriers and Mei Tais really aren't recommend for newborns. They are fine once the baby has good head control. If you are looking for a carrier that is the most ergonomically correct for wearer and baby AND will be the only carrier you ever need (want is a different thing!), then go for a woven wrap. It's a bit of a Learning curve but offers a lot of possibilities. Check out...
hi mama- Not all SSC's are the same! You would probably like an SSC that has crossing straps in the back. Action Baby Carrier, Oh Snap!, and the new Beco Soleil all have the option of crossing straps on the back. Also play with how low on hips you put the waist band to find the place that is most comfortable for you. Good luck! Kat
The fact that your baby loved being worn in a bed sheet implies that she does like being worn, she just isn't loving the carriers. You and she might be happier with a woven wrap or a ring sling. You didn't say how heavy she is but it's possible that she doesnt feel supported by the stretchy wrap, or by the Ergo although for a different reasons. Soft structured carriers such as the Ergo are not recommended for babies until they are able to sit unassisted. Legs out is the...
maya wrap makes a great ring sling and it's easy to order. amazon carries them. Ring slings are my favorite carrier... Good luck!
Hi. With the exception of the Ergo, I wouldn't use any of the carriers listed in that article. Ergo is good, so are Boba and Beco. They will run about $100 new. Which one works best for you depends on body type of caregiver and baby and what type of activities you will be doing. If you want quick and easy in and outs, a ring sling might be good (maya wrap is a good brand) but as it sits on one shoulder, it won't work as well for longer carries.
hi Mama, Woven wraps are great for bigger babies and offer a lot of versatility, and way more support for you! Please note that your baby should always be brought back up to an upright position after nursing. You might consider doing a consultation with a Babywearing educator who can help you figure out how to nurse in a wrap or your mei tai. The Babywearing Institute has a list l educators that they have trained on their website. Good luck!
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