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He has pretty much been attatched to my boob this whole time so I haven't gotten too many but this one was taken on my phone  
I am a little loose on the times after labor actually started...   Friday morning - I was having ctx but nothing to sing about I really had to concentrate to even notice them and I couldn't imagine trying to time them, so I just went about my day, a little while later I had some bloody mucus so I called the MW and since I wasn't having strong ctx she just told me to keep her updated but she was thinking it would be today. A few hours (I think?) later I had some more...
David Joel, caught by his daddy, born at 8:58pm, 8lb4oz, 14in head... 2 hours of labor! Nursing a LOT! I am feeling pretty ok I did have to get stitches for a second degree tear in the same place I tore last time but I will take it! Will post pics when I can... The first time DS met him I nursed both of them and big bro reached out and held his new bro's hand... It was the sweetest thing in the world... Thanks everyone for the labor wishes and for listening to me whine...
Ok so MW came and checked me and I am at 7cm and still without intense or regular ctx.. SHe went to do an infant check up about 30 min away and will be back in an hour or hour and a half and will break my water... I really hate having to start things on our own and I hope it doesn't cause a domino effect of interventions but I'm 7cm dilated!! How much longer can I go before he just kinda shoots out?! SO it looks like one way or another I will have a baby tonight..I am...
Dmpk - loose bms are a great sign! Labor vibes coming your way!   AFM: just had some more bloody goop! MW is on her way. Idk that that's necessary at this point but she is in Mennonite country so she is about two hours away.. I guess that's why she is leaving now.. I so hope this isn't a false alarm!
Just had a big ol goop of bloody mucus and am having a few contractions that are going around to my back but they don't really hurt or are regular they are just there. Waiting for the MW to call me back.. it would be awesome to be able to skip my acu. appt!
Still pregnant... 41w5d hopefully something will happen today.. Idk what my MW will want to do if it looks like nothing is going on by tonight...   LibraryMo - Things can change SO fast.. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised!   Flower - Glad you are recovering well!
dmpk - I hope you find some peace... It's so hard being at this point, just know you are not alone in your feelings and fears..
That gives me hope! Nothing too eventful yet but that's fine because DH won't get home from work until closer to 6.. I definitely don't want to have this baby at home alone with just DS... Not ideal at all!   Thanks for the vibes everyone! I am hoping I will have news for you guys at some point tonight!
Just had some bloody show but MW thinks it's from the VE from earlier since I haven't had many ctx except in the past few minutes... I am SOOO ready to be in labor!!
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