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Congrats Flower of Bliss!! What a pretty name!!   Ok, now I am really starting to feel like the only mama w/o a baby!   After yesterday's false alarm I am afraid to even dare to hope that something will happen.. 41w3d
Congrats Help!   Flower of Bliss- I hope this turns into something! It's so frustrating to have false alarms! I'm so sorry
Oh Maya, That is heartbreaking... I hope you feel better and are able to nurse soon!! Healing and peace vibes coming your way!   Anya - Good job standing up for yourself! The audacity of some people..   Carlin- SO sorry things don't seem to be progressing yet... hopefully this is less work you will have for later   AFM - Our internet went out yesterday so I was cut off completely from the world!!! Last night I was falling asleep at 8... seriously it felt like...
Word.   I'm glad you feel better Mittens... I am kind of having the same issue but it really seems like when baby is ready everything falls into place... I hope labor starts for you very soon!
Yay Carlin! I thought you looked ready in your last pic! I hope this is it for you!!!
What a cool idea! What beautiful girls!
Still here too at 41 weeks exactly...   LibraryMo - Thankfully labor can start with very little notice! sending you labor vibes!   Help - I'm so sorry you're having an emotional time... It will be nice not to have to handle "Oh... no baby??" questions... I'm about to stop answering the phone because that is the first thing people say... I am also feeling kind of left out of all the baby goodness!   AFM: I am having a decent morning even DS isn't taking a nap...
Congrats! I love both the names!! Enjoy your new little boy!!
Sounds like you have a sweet MIL... I'll bet she didn't want you to have your hopes up too high and be disappointed! And I think it's good that you are so calm!   AFM - I have been stressing about how DS will handle being away from me during labor and wouldn't be at all surprised if that has been keeping me too tense to go into labor... I know my parents will be able to handle him and his sleeping patterns but I have been worried about the In-laws, but I had a great talk...
Congrats Monkey Keeper!! What an amazing birth! Enjoy your sweet little girl
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