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I am new to this knowledge of possible harm in doppler and ultrasound. I just did some reading online about it today after watching a short clip of Ina May Gaskin in More Business of Being Born suggesting that it be possibly dangerous, and at the very least unnecessary.   I am using a midwife, but am in the early stages, and haven't even picked one yet, I am still interviewing. Now I will add this to the question list.
Hello! I am newly pregnant with my 3rd child, and want to have a homebirth. I have oxford insurance.   Any advice or tips? Midwife suggestions?   Thanks!
Hello ladies! I am so sad to hear how hard it is for us to have homebirths!   I had an unplanned, unattended homebirth with DS 2 years ago after fighting hard (like it was my part-time job) for months to get it approved though insurance. It never was really approved, but we didn't make it to the birthing center... ;)   Now I am pregnant with my third (6 weeks along), and I am wanting to start this process again as early as possible.   I live in NYC We have...
Also shared on my FB for 2nd chance
Pick me, pick me! Liked both pages!
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