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I just realized how much I miss out on by not being on the facebook page! I don't have a facebook, but my dog 'doris clitoris' does. (i know, I know, it is a silly name....old nicknames die hard, even for dogs.....) can someone pleeeeeeeease add me? I wanna be in the know
. Nice to see you here again, poetrylover! I hope you east coast ladies get to meet up, it was really beautiful to see all of you ladies and your beautiful babies! There was not a single baby I wast absol smitten with.
eeeeee! i have been mia for some time, but popped on today to see what you lovelies are up to now that are littles are rapidly approaching their big number 1 birthdays. and what do i see but a big meet up! we're in portland, too, and want to get in on all the sweet baby sharing!!!!!   **jessa**
i am ever decluttering, more things just always find their way into our home. i need support, ladies! how do you keep up on everything, plus increase the organization of your home, especially with little littles?
i love your space! where on earth did you find the animals you have hiding about your walls? or are they painted on? so sweet, what a beautiful childhood escape.......  
i had mine at 3 years, 3 months apart, did a surrogacy and birthed 2 years, 2 months apart, and had my third at 4 years 2 months apart, 2 years (almost to the day) from birthing surro baby. for me, having that time to break into parenting my new brood each time made a world of difference. i would not have wanted toddlers and babies at the same time. with surro baby n, i was delighted to be able to birth a baby but not have a freshly 2 year old at the same time as a...
i don't think i've gained weight, rather i feel that it has been harder to lose weight while on the dom.... this time my baby weight is creeping off, if it's moving at all. nak, hth
thank you for *ahem* weighing in. i am really sensitive about my boy and his growth...   he was 10 lbs at birth, went down to 8 15, and has slowly gained since then. even 16 lbs feels like such a battle for what is a super slow growth, and the 2 oz loss put me back to those early days. i know he has been pretty miserable these last couple of weeks, and you are right about it being a different scale and the time of day/time since last feed were both off too. he is...
i wish i had more advice for you, and must admit i am lacking knowledge of the arsenic levels in brown rice syrup (something i need to read on! want to post the article link?). i feel like baby's only is the least offensive formula from my perspective. lacking the dha/ara, as well as omitting corn syrup form the recipe are some of the most positive points about this particular formula. for a long time they also left plastic scoops out of their cans because of the...
aww, thanx cat. i've been lurking about, just find it hard to manage hands for thoughtful posts!
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