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Hi everyone,   I am looking for an in-person Hypnobabies class in and around this area.  Anyone have any resources to share on this?   Thanks so much!
Hi Enza,   Sorry for not replying sooner.  These boards confuse me and I'm just not on top of things yet.   I really liked Karen and have since seen Jasmine too.  Jasmin was fine, in spite of the not so good reports I'd heard about her.  I had an appt booked with Kelly for this coming Friday, but I've just called to reschedule - I specifically want to see Karen or Lyn at this point - and the person on the phone was not too happy about that.  But that's ok.  To be honest...
Hi Meg,   I went to see KW and you're right, she rocks!  Loved her.  Anyway, hubby and I are struggling with the idea of KW's costs and potentially doing the "abbreviated care" with SOG and their global care costs.  Double costs?  Ouchie.  Anyway...how did you manage that?  And how did you get the exception letter?  Feel free to PM me instead of replying to this thread if you like.   Thanks!
Small world, indeed!  I live very near the church too :-) I don't know about CM, so I'll PM you. Thanks!
I get this!   My DH and his ex had his DD (now my step-daughter) at home.  They had stacks of people there: her mom, his mom, his dad, her SIL, doula, midwive, his 2.5 yo DS.  So fast forward 10 years, he's divorced, married me and we're expecting our first in Sept '11.  I am *considering* a HB (my first child) and he's like "cool, we can have DS and DD there and mom...".  And I'm like..."ummmm, no".  Much as I love my step-kids, I just don't want them there, not...
Can anyone recommend a Bradley Method class to me, which is in close-ish proximity to Harford County, MD?  If there is another method that you think is good, could you let me know that too and why you think it's good?  Thanks so much!
Can anyone point me to a resource online or even just advise here regarding the laws about home birthing in MD?  My hubby and his ex did a home birth 10 years ago in MD and I see so many mama's here talking about it, yet a friend nurse at Upper Chesapeake in Bel Air just told me they are illegal in MD.  What is the truth?
I asked about this in another post and someone commented that depending on whether you're used to yoga and other exercise, a regular yoga class may be ok for you.  I belong to the UU church in Churchville - they have a yoga class on Tuesday nights and I'm going to go along to that and just do what I can (I have been working out at the gym - weights & cardio - regularly since July 2010).  Good luck!  Please let me know if you do manage to find a specific prenatal class.
Thanks for the feedback, iluvmy4girls!  Much appreciated.
Thanks for the feedback Enza!  I have an appointment with the midwives at Upper Cheasapeake tomorrow (Karen).
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