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Congrats!!!! Carmen
Max- your little boy is adorable !
Seraf- the video of the boys funny! We have the same thing going on here with J and L. They're so much fun to watch.. But omg they do fight! Do your boys fight ? Our little L is a bully at times but very much a girly girly. J on the other hand is a boy loves cars but is always getting hurt bumps bruises... Sigh.. 4th of July we spend it in the er he climb out his crib and busted he's forehead open 5 stitches! :-(Scary none of my othe 3 get hurt as much :-) How are all ur...
I was going to post pics but nap time is over
Just stopping by to say we haven't forgotten about you ladies . I see alot of new ladies :-) Max k- congrats !!! Awesome news! Update: we are still very much chasing around 2 one year olds , 5 year old and of course our tween ( 13) . We kinda of lost our connection a a couple for a while but we are back on track :-) we almost forgot to be a couple. We felt like roommates raising kids. So lucky that's all ok now. I plan to be back soon with more updates and pics.
Happy New Year ladies! Now lets bring in those 2013 babies... who's up first? CANANNY?
Desert- Everleigh is so big and adorable. We can hardly believe she''ll be four months old in just a few days. We have not been very active with posts either but of course we're always lurking. By the way, thanks for the family compliments.   Starling- Hope you feel better soon! My favorite picture this season has to be the one I took with DW. I guess it's because we don't take many pictures unless it's of the kids.
Seraf- Thanks!...Our kids sleep all night..boys @ 8 or 8:30 pm..Alexis 9 or 9:30pm..L is the hardest to go down but sleeps all night.
    Hi ladies  Welcome to all the new ladies!..Congrats on your BFP We are so behind on personals...Our days and nights are so busy,   So here are some updates on our kiddos.   A is doing really good in school honor roll..and basketball season has started for her!..which she loves!   N is doing a little better with school and in home therapies .   L is a burst of engery morning, noon, and night..loves her sister and brothers!...I love watching her...
Nos- Words cannot even begin to express the sentiment we feel for you and your DP. We followed you closely from the moment we joined this board and one point were even insem buddies. We watched closely for progress in your pregnancy and waited anxiously to see Elio's adorable little face. We hold you deep in our prayer and are sending lots of hugs and light your way.   Isa- It was so nice to catch up with you and your lovely family. E is getting so big. Will we be...
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