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Isa- Congratulations to you and your DP and welcome to the world Edith! Can't wait for you to be all rested up so that we can get some pix of that precious baby and hear your birth story. Enjoy your baby moon!     Smiling- You're next! How are you feeling?  Any more contractions?
Isa- Sooooo?
isa- Sending elv, we're thinking of you     ad-TWINS that's awesome!!! How did you keep that a secret for so long?   Sara- How are you feeling?    Seraf- We thought we'd share a funny story with you. L gets excited any time she sees the laptop, once we get to the pictures posted of S she stops all movement and just stares at the screen. Can't wait to see her reaction when she sees him face to face for Pride. By the way, we loved the idea of having the...
Crystal- I'm so sorry you are going through such a bad situation. I can't even imagine!!!! keep your chin up... I love that you moved to the couch to take care of your lil guy, your a good mom. I don't want you to think that I am bad talking your DP but I think she may have some jealousy issues. She is being very selfish by not thinking of Cohen when it comes to breast feeding. That is the best thing for him right now especially given the fact that he was a premature...
Isa- any news? How are you feeling?
Seraf - Braids seem to work in our home.
Nos- Congrats on your little bean!!!!! Stick lil Bean...:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy
Hello ladies   I know its been a while since we posted personals, but we are lurking and following along.   Isa- How excited are you ladies ? Any day now!!   Sara- How are you feeling?   Seraf- Shay on solids, that's awesome!   Werhli- your lil man is too CUTE!   Libaray- you have a one year old already! How are you doing? Happy Birthday to Alice!! We know it was yesterday but we were unable to get to the computer. That doesn't mean we weren't...
Desert-LOVE the belly pic!!!!!!
Isa- We would love to be part of that party!!???
New Posts  All Forums: