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alphahen- Sorry for your loss...  
Qmama-Congrats on your lil girl..Sorry for the scary moments you ladies had! We hope your dd's stay is short in the nicu. Can't wait for an update and pics.   Isa- Nice belly pics!   Sara- How is you lil one doing still moving alot? Sorry to hear that you still have morning sickness.   Carmen-YAY for 5 weeks!   SwtRainbowBrite- You must be so excited for your upcoming wedding. DW and I tried to get ours done before DD came but she had other plans. She...
Indigo- so glad to hear your fanily is home and all is going well.
Carmen- Congrats on you bfp!!!!!.We are so happy for you..
Carmen- We have been following your story for awhile now..and we are  for you on Wednesday!!!
Congratulations Indigo and DP!! We have been watching for the birth announcement and can not wait to hear the rest of your birth story. We hope health surrounds you and your family as you bask in the glory of your new DD.
indigo- this must be it!!!!!!! so excited cant wait to hear the birth story. ELV to you and your dp.
ok I am 6 hours behind on baby watch...Sooooooooooo anything new yet indigo?  
Seraf- hahah to funny..we should all help her pack those bags.So how are the kids doing with you back at work? Shay doing ok with he's bottle?   Sara- How's the belly going? You are moving along FAST! 23 weeks right?
I am with starling on baby watch cant put down my laptop!!!!!..pass the popcorn?
New Posts  All Forums: