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gumshoe- the eggplant omg i would have freak out!!!...and than called 911 lol. So glad it all turn out ok and yes kid are exhausting!! We have 3 kids dd 11 ds 3 dd 6 weeks and our lil boy has special needs.Not alot of sleep going on in our house But we enjoy it!
indigo- Sorry your not in labor yet...hope you do go into labor before Monday
Indigo- sending you ladies ELV
Gumshoe- love the pics and the update!!..OMG the video is too funny she's adorable!!!   Sara- glad to hear  Shay is taking the bottle today and your day is going well. I also love this new thread where we can all continue to be a part of past and upcoming pregnancies.   2ez- love the pic of Jagger and his milk hangover! Aren't they just the cutest lil babies after a good feed?   Seraf- How did your first day away from your fam go?   Wehrli-...
Crystal- Congrats on your lil man Cohen!!!..Sorry to hear all the trouble you went thru with your hospital stays and all..We had our share and yes it SUCKED!!!!..But well worth it @ the end.Hope your lil man gets to come home soon.   2ez-Thanks for the updates..Jagger is a cute lil guy love all the pics!   Seraf-Shay looks too cute..What a chunkers!   HAPPY NEW YEAR........TO ALL YOU LADIES!!!!
Miz yellow- Hi..the pic where Layla is sitting on the presents those are all hers. She is spoiled rotten already!!..Well all our babies are when we can.   Sara-Glad to hear you are feeling better!
Sara- My heart nearly stopped at the beginning of the story but slowly began to beat at normal pace as I continued to read. We are so glad that your lil boys heart beat was finally found on the doppler. I would agree with the doc and take it easy just a little bit until the blood episodes pass. We are rooting for you and have been since the beginning and we can't wait to see your sons' beautiful face.   P.S. Please don't ever scare us like that again!!!!
Carmen-...for you.
indigo- anytime now huh? how are you feeling any labor signs?   Sara- We are so happy for you a lil boy!   Miz yellow- love all the pics and his butt is too cute!!!l lol   Prettyisa- his monster claws are cute.Can't wait to see your lil one soon!   Desert-Welcome we are sooooooooo excited to see you over here!   Kellysf- How are you?????
Hi Seraf- Our 1st try with frozen sperm was a..GIRL  
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