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Thanks so much!
when and how to introduce healthy fats, ie; olive oil? 
Love my Ergobaby.  I have a 4 1/2 week old and have used it a good amount.  Love the versatility...front, front w/ infant insert, side, back and even piggy back...I'll have this for many years as my daughter grows!
I recently had an assessment w/ an LC, she used a "reboot" method for the latch...I would reach out to an LC and see if they are familiar w/ this technique.  Its very similar to the way they get the baby to latch right after birth; allowing baby to find her way to the breat and latch on, then turning her body to cradle her.  Worked great for me.  Good luck!
We are planning to use cloth as soon as our 4 week old is big enought to fit into them, but she currently is on the mend from some horrible diaper rash.  Therefore, I am currently using diaper ointment...if we start transitioning over to cloth can I still use ointment?  Are there differnent washing techniques needed?
I too am having issues w/ my 4 week old opening up wide enough, my nipples are sore and its so frustrating.  This is most frustrating during the night hours of feeding, I find I'm on the verge of screaming, but I know thats not going to help the situation....I'll keep looking to see if anyone has any suggestions.
A pediatric chiropractor listed off a ton of veggies that should be avoided while breastfeeding due to gassiness in babies...anyone find this to be true?  I am not a vegetarian by any stretch, but I certainly love a wide variety of veggies.  I feel like I'm going to become the worlds worst eater to avoid gassy foods.  Any suggestions?
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