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Congratulations How have your first few weeks gone? Sleep deprived and madly passionately in love? It seems like yesterday that I brought my first daughter home and like this morning that my son was wheeled into the room for our first meeting. I'll never forget how I felt early on in our relationship
But we do live in a predominantly white city and while his preschool class is pretty diverse, (about half non-white, a few other kids with his skin color or similar) outside of that he has little contact with other-than-white kids. This is one thing I plan to change. Where do these non white kids come from in your predominently white city? he needs contact with non-white adults more than with non white children IMO... My daughter is bi-racial and often tells me...
Hi Rochelle I was amazed when I logged on and saw it had been 2 years since I was logged in - that last one has really kept me hopping! My homestudy was with a private, for profit agency, but it was a referral agency out of Michigan who introduced me to the attorney's office in OK. My agency was great about helping me make sure all my paperwork was in line. they also did the after placement visit. He just turned 6 in October! It really does go by in a blink! ...
Not sure if it's the same, but I did have a successful out of state adoption 6 years ago. Mine was an infant adoption, not waiting child. We had some inter state paperwork that had to be done while we waited in his state of birth, but in some ways, it was actually easier than our same state adoption.
I couldn't read and not offer a hug. I am so sorry your baby's medical staff tricked you like that :
I'm just proud of you for spitting it out without stumbling that's where I fail miserably
Thank you so much for this update! Her parents must be very strong to be still be in such uncertainty. You found really good people
I have both adopted and bio. My ODS is 30 and my "babies" are 6 and 3, so they've never lived in the same house. I did have one friend (she moved away) who had 3 bios and one adopted, all very close in age. Seemed to be working for them
I am SO excited for you!! It is so long and so frustrating at times, but also so ultimately FUN! ...not that I've done international adoption, bth the process in general is fun, especially once you're looking at it from the done side
Another non vaxing Libertarian here... Republicans around here seem to think that government should interfere with when it suits their agenda : My old van was covered in stickers; I got a bunch (13!) of magnet ones for the new car and everything but 'celebrate diversity' have disappeared
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