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Been meaning to try this for awhile but kept missing the deadlines everytime!!!  So count me in too!
So sorry Sila it does suck.  Thinking of you.
Sila - I had to read your post 3 times to fully take in what you were saying at the end.  My heart lept with excitement for you.  Praying this is a sticky little bean, so so very happy for you - and understand the scared part!!!
Milk - I am so sorry that you have been put through this, as if you haven't already been through enough.  But you didn't take the miso(whateveritwasdrug), and you are still pregnant with a heartbeat and that is wonderful news.   Sourire - Hi!  I am ok, I guess, I made an apt to go back and see the doctor - for no real reason besides that I am having trouble accepting my new reality.  Yeah for the normal LP!!!!
Milk - I keep checking for posts from you, I so want this to work out for you.  Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.
Hi all, just popping in to say thanks for your words of kindness and understanding, means a lot.  I am actually doing ok.  Partly because I did most of my immediate grieving after the initial blood test because I knew it was not a lab error and partly because I still don't believe that I will never have another child.  I just don't believe it.  My dh and I have been coming up with what we call perks of my diagnosis, just silly meaningless things that is helping us to...
So my repeat blood work showed that there was no lab error, my FSH was even higher this time at 54.  She diagnosed me with premature ovarian failure and prescribed HRT for me.  I can't bring myself to take the pills yet (estrace and prometrium) I feel that when I do I have truely given up (even though she tells me that they wouldn't interfere with anything should my body decide to ovulate again).  In any case she gave me a pretty grim outlook on having another child, she...
Peanutgirl - Thanks for the link for the story, I understand the part about not feeling like a complete woman.  Sometime I feel like a leper, I know that is harsh but on a low day that is how I feel.  I told my SIL (who is a fertile myrtle) that I felt that way and she just could not understand even a little where I was coming from.   Planegreen - Hi!
Happy2bamama - You are right about a definitive answer not existing, I will keep hoping no matter what the outcome, I think I could have my uterus and ovaries removed and some part of me would still have hope.  I also loved what you said about the crayons!   Waturmama - It will be interesting to see if your new thoughts do stick, I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your ds.  I try to put ttc on the back burner of my thoughts and give dd my full attention. 
Hi all, I have been reading along and identify so much with what you all have to say.  My dd just turned 3 last month, she took 10 months to conceive, which felt long and painful at the time but now seems like nothing.  I had been on BC for 15+ years and once I stopped it took about 7 months for my cycle to sort itself out and then I got pregnant.  So of course I thought that this time around it would be immediate.  We’ve been ttc #2 for over 2 years now.  Over the last...
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