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Hi JavaFinch I agree with you completely!    I would love to trust our medical establishment,government, etc.....but there's no chance that will ever happen. Money talks unfortunately. Too much corruption and money behind vaccines. Too bad for the innocent children that get injected, it hurts to know what's going on, but it's reality. Too many children are sick these days and get sick and/or die from vaccines, and I know and so many others know vaccines are wrong,...
Hi, Glad to know you did your research on vaccines. I have respect for parents that do their research. I lose respect for parents who go with vaccinating because of what others think, or who just do it without doing their research. I used to work in Fond du Lac. Well, thanks for getting back to me, and hope you and your family stay happy and healthy :)     Lindsay
Hi My name is Lindsay. Long story short. I don't vaccinate my 2 year old girl. So I get alot of negative words from people. All the women I know vaccinate their children and they are sick alot. My little girl has had a cold a few times but that's it. Nothing what the vaccinated kids have. Anyways, i'm just looking for like minded individuals that may live in my area and maybe do playdates :)   Thanks     Lindsay
I'm am so glad I didn't vax. My child seems so much more healthy than the vaccinated children in our area. I really did my research on vaccines while I was pregnant. I can't even imagine my child getting injected with toxic chemicals, it is babaric to do so.    Good health to you and your family :)   Lindsay
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