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This is not the place for explicit details. I gave birth yesterday at 18 weeks 3 days, surrounded by patient midwives, my amazing husband and my fantastic mother-in-law. Birthing naturally in my own time allowed me the time I needed to accept what was happening. My husband and I were able to hold our lifeless Angel, while still warm from my body, and say our goodbyes. I am recovering in the hospital in a special little department for parents who have lost their babies. My...
Laadies, I wanted to put it here before I share on the main board. Yesterday, at 18 weeks 3 days, my worst fear was realised and our little one, who we have named Angel, was born with no vital signs. I am heartbroken, but surrounded by love and support. I wish you all the best, and hope that I am the last of us who has to deliver this horrible news. I love you all and wish you wonderful pregnancies and beautiful births.
I don't remember a ring of fire either. I did hypnobabies, and didn't prepare myself for pain, and I really didn't experience any pain, just intensity.   We are planning a second homebirth. I just got a call from the midwife practice today. They are having a meeting for couples considering homebirth and planning homebirth. I definitely want to go to that. I feel very fortunate, living here in Denmark and having my babies here. The health care is all public, and of a very...
I had the same with my first pregnancy, and again now. Stay hydrated. Hubby loves that I'm always very slick during pregnancy ;)
Love and prayers. 
Hugs, love and prayers. Wishing you all the best and praying that you find that grace. 
Oh Ashlee! My heart goes out to you! Love and warm thoughts.
Doctor had put me at april 1st, but I ignored that and left my March 28th estimate here. Ultrasound today said March 26th, so can you change it for me?
Just had my first ultrasound today. Supposed to be 12 weeks but the doctor messed up and it was at 13+1, but it turned out to be 13+6 so I have a new due date of March 26th. Baby is looking good, and very active. Heartbeat at 148, and all looks normal according to the doctor. I can't believe how relieved I am. Back-to-back miscarriages really change your outlook on pregnancy!
I just had my 12-week ultrasound, a week late due to a mixup with the doctor. I'm still getting over how relieved I was when I saw that beautiful little moving baby and its little heartbeat. I realised that I went in there expecting to see a 6-week embryo in a sac of water, which is what I saw in my last miscarriage, at 10 weeks. The one before that happened at 6 weeks too. I felt my whole body relax in a way that it hasn't since I found out I was pregnant this time, and...
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