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Are you looking for chapter books, so you can do a "chapter a night"? Child age 4 would still enjoy and greatly benefit from books with **illustrations and text**: Lily's Purple Plastic Purse Officer Buckle and Gloria Mr. Putter and Tabby Tashi Houndsley and Catina Chapter Books: The Magic Dragon The Riot Brothers (for 6 years and up with the humour) Any Jack Prelutsky (or should I say all!) Jack Prelutsky poetry books. Nate the Great Clementine Ivy &...
Jumps enthusiatically! I've got one for you. The Bake Shop Ghost! Very touching story of old baker ghost and new baker vying for the shop and the riddle the new baker must solve. Lovely illustrations, clever woman characters.
Considering I'm approaching the two week window... 1.) Get the inside of the van detailed clean, clean, clean. They better hold the air freshener or I'll throttle the guys. 2.) Decide on going home outfit for me that I won't feel frumpy in. 3.) Maybe decide on photo annoucment card layouts 4.) Print out backlog of photos from summer vacation/backtoschool 5.) Get heater on house cleaned/checked. 6.) Try to remember what all I missed...
Doesn't it feel some afternoons that time has stopped? Come one October, get a move on it! I'm expecting the 23rd. But truly if baby wants to amaze the me sooner, I would be thrilled. Ok, equally terrified and thrilled. I don't remember my other babes kicking and shoving me around so much. I think we are about as prepared as we are going to be.....
I put my vote in for the jersey material Moby. Its been so long since I've been to their site I dont' know if theey offer thicker. woven fabrics. Granted you may have to wash it every few days as it will stretch out a bit, it was super soft and easy to manipulate. I graduated to a storchewiege when my guy was about 4 months and heftier.
Mommas: Do you or anyone you know have a wool mama poncho from Switzerland? I am seriously considering one, but truly would like to hear real expereince opinions with this item. I do adore the M coat, but if it gets that cold here, it means its icy as well and I would put baby in pram rather than wear on walk. Thank you!
Add to that "Wow, you really have a ways to go being that big!" Yeah, if I wasn't already counting down the last 30 days incessently wondering if can make it through. "No wonder preganant women don't like their hair short during this time, the face just plumps out."
Oh Mamas! I am so with you in the freakout stage. The type where you think you can't *possibly* make it the next 24 hours being pregnant much less -4 weeks. Especially when a long night of insomnia awaits and everything from your once favorite/now despised materinty top, to the cracks in the plaster, seems so out of proportion. So dearies if you are up freaking at 11pm or between 1-3am EST, take comfort that another Momma with an end of October due date is with ya!
I'm quite partial to: Weleda calendula soap, baby shampoo and diaper care cream Ecover stain remover A baby health log book ordered directly form AAP. I jokingly call it the children's first lab book (ok, professional humour between spouse and I.) Moby for early months and Storchiweige there after. Granted its been six years since last birth and baby coming in October I'm sure I forgot alot! This time I bought a few baby apps for iphone to track...
The Wall Street Journal had an large article on this within the past two months. Would be a good resource, perhaps.
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