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I had a Doula at my birth, I met with her and let her know I was wanting to UC, at first she wasn't sure so I gave her a bunch to read and we met up about a week later and she was 100% wanting to support us. I mainly wanted her to help with my other 3 kids and I wanted to know who would be supporting me in case I went into labor before my DH got home and I chose to have another hospital birth.
I'm now 29 weeks and can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going!  I guess I need to make a list of the things I want and get all of it...I know I need to order the pool, but I think I can get just about everything else over the next few weeks locally!   What are the must haves on your list? This will be my 1st time UCing so I really have no idea what are the must have items.
I wish my babies liked to come early! I expect I have 15-17 more weeks to go still. My family likes to cook babies extra long!
Right now I have a Ring Sling (that I made for YDS, but I need to take it apart and re-sew it), 2 Mei Tai (1 Kozy and 1 DIY), 2 wovens (1 Girasol and 1 Didymos), and lastly a Active Spirit that I was given and I use to hold the other carriers as it is very uncomfortable.    I plan on getting fabric to make a couple more Ring Slings (got the rings from slingrings.com as craft store ones can't be trusted) and I also want to get some fabric to make a woven so I can try...
I guess I really need to get my post count up so I can join in over there!
I'm due July/Aug with baby #4. I'm planning a UC, but I'm getting care from a hospital group of MWs. My SO as of last week is 100% for the UC so now I just need to start getting the things we will need/want to have for the birth and hope the MWs don't try to bully me around (not telling them I'm UCing, but I was measuring 3 weeks big at my 20 week U/S).   As much as I'm wanting the UC I'm alone with the kids most of the time (SO is a trucker and gone for 5 weeks then...
I don't really connect with my babies until they are born. I do love them from as soon as I know there is a baby in there, but there really isn't a big connection until just after birth. I have also always had a hard time with finding a name and this time so far isn't any different, except I'm going to need to figure out a name for both a girl and a boy as this is going to be the first time I don't find out the gender at 20weeks.
I'm still down about 3lbs at 19w 4d, but I was about 230lbs before pregnancy. With my DD I was about 160lbs to start and gained about 65lbs, ODS I was 195lbs and gained 12lbs, and YDS I was about 220lbs and gained 15lbs. I hope to keep my gain to about 15lbs this time also and I'm really hoping to get my weight back to healthy after this baby is born.
I wear my 20 month old at least a couple times a week right now. He weights about 25lbs and I'm 19 weeks pregnant. I only do a back carry and have only use a back carry from about 12months (21lbs) as it is easier for me to do things. I plan on wearing him all the way through pregnancy if I can as he has only been in a stroller maybe 10 times in his life! I'm working on picking out a stroller as I'm sure I will need it when this baby is here as I can't be wearing 2 all...
Team green for the first time! Can't wait till the birth to find out what this baby is!
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