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I encapsulated mine with my first and will now with my second as well- 2 days postpartum, we're doing it today
We have a dairy allergy here so we use almond or coconut milk in recipes and such but ont usually drink it. My three year old is still nursing strong! I think blessed said it well!
I know this gets asked a lot but I could find anything specific to Alaska when I searched. We just had our UC yesterday and still aren't fully sure what to do for the birth certificate. I have the paper from the hospital and it has a box at the end where I can check homebirth but there are also places specific to hospital/facility. I tried calling the vital stats bureau but couldn't get through to an actual person and just got messages stating where to find aworksheet...
A little late to the party but I'm due with baby #2 (team green) Aug 28th
subbing! :)
Thank you! Thank you! I'm ordering that right now!   We just got back from our first appointment and of course they want to do fillings and recommended brushing with a flouride toothpaste. I feel sick about all of this. I really hope I an heal them before it comes to that. We have started giving her a cod liver oil supplement- it's the only one I could find locally that was allergy free- Nordic Natural's DHA liquid supplement but it has a strawberry flavor added to it. Do...
Just found this thread... going to try to read through everything tonight. We first noticed that DD had a cavity last month on two of her molars and now a new one today on her front tooth. After reading a bunch about the importance of dairy it all makes sense because this occurred right after we had her diagnosed with food allergies (rice, dairy, wheat, soy, chicken, pork, green beans)   Does anyone have any advice on how to do this without the dairy?! We have a...
  Ok... so I'm trying to find a toy but I have had no luck searching online and don't know what it's called. :banghead:   It's essentially a "stacker" but without the base. So it's a wooden dowel or rod with rings you can put the dowel through. Does anyone know what this is called or where I can find one. Or maybe another forum to post this in.   Thank you so much! :goodvibes:
I did this and had zero PPD! I think it really helped... When i forgot to take it i would feel a little down but then i would remember and feel better. DH was amazing and did all the work for me. We used a dehydrater and mortar and pestle to crush. I did help fill the capsules with a straw which wasnt too hard or time consuming.
I didn't realize we had a toddler thread either. Oops! I was wondering why no one else was posting haha!    Ok so I was going to post pics but I still need to figure it out. We made a carrot cake for DD but rainbow sounds like so much fun! :)
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