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I have one that has the ring attached. I would love to know as well!   Do you remember how the ring was attached to the necklace to make it removable? It might be easy to replicate
Bibs with sleeves are great! I prefer fabric ones though! :)
DD is only 5 months old but we'll probably just stick with breastmilk for the first few years of her life... as long as she's nursing I don't really see a reason to give her cow's milk. :)
Hi mamas! I was not on this forum during my pregnancy and would love to join you all since our LOs are all the same age! I am looking forward to getting to know all of you! DD was born on Sept 18th! We're EBFing, CDing, and cosleeping... I am loving every second of motherhood! Little A is rolling over and sitting pretty well but no where near crawling! WOW! That's amazing! We also have no started foods yet- I think we're going to delay for as long as possible and then do...
Hi! I've just decided to join in on the forum as well! DH and I had our little girl in September! :) Hope to see you around the boards!
I'm new here too! :)
Welcome! :)
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