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Thank you so much for this offering  
I looking for a used Kokopax backpack carrier. What were the pros and cons of this carrier?
My baby has Down Syndrome and @ this point can't nurse. She is 21/2 weeks old. I know eventually she'll be able to nurse. I'm looking for another full time pumpers for support and their stories with pumping,
I'm almost 9 months pregnant and i cant find a compatible midwife. I keep dreaming that this baby is just going to slip out. I'm leaning toward an UC. Overwhelmed @ the moment with this though especially since we have to move this month and haven't secured a place to live yet. Dh is all for it. Family would freak out. My fist birth 6 years ago was an assisted hb. 45 hour labor and pain.
I have chronic fatique, fibromyalgia and in this pregnancy, pelivic instability. This is my second pregnancy, I have a 6 y/o dd. Last pregnancy physically was ok. This pregnancy ( i'm 42 now,) has be difficult. First trimester too sick to excersice, now I'm in my third and I can barley walk or stand, by nighttime sitting is difficult. Instill struggle through an excersice program 5 days a week. I know if I stop I'm in real trouble. Just because I'm used to dealing with...
I'm a WAHM, specialized physical therapist. I'm posting here because I could use a SAHM who could do billing. Many of us in the healthcare field could use this service. The big companies to me are confusing as well as other negative comments I could make. I'm overwhelmed looking for a billing service. I have no idea what is involved in the training or credientialing. I believe you would need a time out from kids to concentrate.
First of all one form of cardio done correctly takes less then 25 minutes. Google peak 8, DR Mercola.com. Weight training at the gym oy home takes 20 minutes with 10-12 minutes of stretching. One form of proper weight training is with a high enough resistance, the weight or your own body weight going through the entire range of motion done super slow, the count of 10 going into the excersice, contracting and the count of 20 coming out, extending, should exhaust the mucle...
  I also do the PKU test, as it only requires a few drops of blood and it could potentially save My six year old still rembers this and she was weeks old at the time. I don't think I'll repeat it with this one.
I have fibro. Quick tricks for fibro and RA. High protien and fat. Skip carbs, with many also skip dairy and even legumes. Excersice 3 types week. For quickness, 20 minutes, go to mercola.com, peak 8. How to excersice, tell husband you will go on strike, ( told mine I would leave,) if he did help me get it in. Example, first thing in am before work, yes he can get up earily, or as soon as he gets home, he can deal with dinner and kids. I was in so much pain that I ment the...
Beer which I don't normal drink but I've had 1/3 glass maybe 3 times in the 6 month I've been prego. @ first the cravings were maddening. I also crave a sake martini, maybe I'll. Have 1/2 @ least it's wine. The other craving is cigarettes and I don't smaoke. Last pregnancy 6 years ago i was mad for clove cigarettes. I have no idea how I held out.
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