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Hi all, My husband and I are 42 and pregnant with my second "due" 9/4/11. My first s 6 y/o dd and very happy to be a soon to be big sister. I live in an area where it is almost normal for a 42 y-/o to have a homebrth. I had a home birth the first time across the country. I still haven't settled on a hb midwife . I have been seen by a hospital midwife. I wish she could deliver my babe but the rules are strange n this state. She isn't even allowed to assist me in the...
6 years ago I went through a 45 hour labor. I'm about 6 months pregnant now and I'm wondering if there are any herbs that can speed up labor.
I'm measuring 23 weeks and I've gained about 26lbs. I excersice 5-6 x/ week and eat healthy for me, just maybe too much. I only gained 5 months this month vs 10 last month. Still I'm going to juggle my excersice so I spend less time doing cardio. Anyway ladies even with a smart excersice program, I'm a physical therapist, it doesn't mean that the excess weight gain is preventable. Last pregnancy i remained in extra small maternity size, now I'm up to @ least a medium. Hard...
I sleep in a tempurapedic to start with. This is my set up for side sleeping. Pillow under head, wedge pillow under tummy, pillow tucked against my Bach lengthwise, and very important to avoviod hip pain: thick pillow between my knees that is long enough to go between my ankles. If the pillow is just at my knees and my ankles are left alone, the torque on my hips hurt.
Detoxing itself can be so stressful to the body that it can increase anyway the body deals with stress. Might want to look into building the body up instead of tearing it down with a detox. Excersice, eat the right foods for your body, when the body is healing from nerve issuse a high healthy fat diet is great. Whatever high fats work for your body, nuts avocado, coconut products, pasture fed butter, dairy, etc. A mouth guard can be great. Bring it to you CST appt so the...
I treat herniated discs anywhere along the spine. I use osteopathic techniques, at least what Osteopathy used to be and some are still trained in. You can call all the osteopaths in your area and ask about what manual training they have had or if you don't mind sending him to another type of practitioner you can go to Upledger.com to find a very experience person in your area. You can look me up for a comparison, Iahp.com/ttarail. Also some acupuncturists and...
Ugg, 10ilbs in 2 weeks, 20 ilbs in 18 weeks of pregnacy. That's with an increase in excersice and much better food choices. Back to diet tweaking
It depends on the osteopaths training. Ask if they work with the organs.
Is pregnancy a good time to go bra free? I am worried about getting the droopy breasts in all the national geographic type shows.
Looking for a custard that is dairy, coconut and soy free. I have a vitamix. I've tried recipes with avocado and I don't like them. Taste mainly.
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