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Unless something traumatic happened from her point of view including change in foods, meds, vax, you or father out of the house mre, this is all normal. I think we forget that our predictable child goes through a growth spurt and we may have a new child. I let my child show me who she is at any given moment. Not who I expect her to be. Easier said then done. Meditation helps me and constantly my husband and I remind each other of this. She is almost six now so it has...
An Epsom salt bath or foot soak can relieve these symptoms. If too difficult you can order magnesium oil and dilute with a carrier oil r water and use on feet and or areas of pain. May need to avoid any open wounds. This may not get to the bottom of the cause if it is biomechanics.
Crainosacral therapist are trained to pull out old injuries. You can find an advanced practitioner in your area @ upledger.com. Full disclosure: Yes I am a trained CrainoSacral Therapist and I have successfully treated woman in your situation.
Update: I'm feeling much better. I'm actually a bodyworker (PT, crainosacral, visceral manipulation therapist,) and figured out how to adjust myself. I was too loose in one area because I was stuck in another. Its amazing pregnacy brain, I actually forgot i could and have treated pelvic instability. I'll be getting my pregnancy belt on Monday anyway to experiment with it on long walks.Btw there are some great u-tube videos for self-adjustment for pelvic instability.
I've heard great things about the wellness center in northampton from health care practioners. I would go there myself if they took my insurance plan.
My name is Tanya , 42 y/o. I recently moved to northampton Ma, to be with family.. We may move agin before baby is born. Work and personal growth opportunities aren't forth coming in this area. This is my second. It's unexpected. My dd will be 6 when this one is born. Presently i live with my husband and dd. Planning for my second home birth. I"m having another rough pregnancy. These forums really help me. My midwife just bumped me into early September.
I'm in the same boat as you. I'm getting a pregnacy belt today. Hope it helps.
I have these feels as well. Being pregnant makes my low grade depression worse and my lack of passionate ideas even further away. I know a couple of things I like, all work related, still no play. I do love TV and going to the movies. I also make sure I meditate every day, that's the best part of having insomnia, always time to meditate when everyone else is asleep. What works for me, I did it again last night and I'm much better today, it to really allow myself the free...
You are over working out. That much cardio raises the cortisol levels of the body and can lead to binge eating. Check out the dr mercola peak eight. Also a lot of woman need to eat like 40% of cal from healthy fats. What ever your body tolerates: avocado, Mac nuts, pasture fed butter and dairy (any dairy makes me gain weight, others it really helps take off weight.)
Anyone have pelvic bone grinding? What excersices can you do? I'm off to get some kind of support belt today, prescribed by my midwife for this. The pain is worse when I excersice but I am committed to it. I read if you excersice during pregnacy the you child even as an adult has less overweight issuses. I have to manage my weight. Anything I can do for my child around this issuse I will do.
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