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Hi all, I think my pelvic bones are grinding together. Has any of you used a pregnacy belt or an SI belt during pregnancy? I'm not realldy for chiropractoring or bodywork yet. I don't have the finances for it for one thing. I'm only in my 4th month. I'm afraid of what might happen in later months and then afterward. I could take the pain last night and had a big breakdown. I'm emotionally better this am, and I'm getting some kind of belt today.
I have been wearing a thn sports bra, slight support and with being pregnant or nrsing I'm lke A-AA. Funny thing is when I go without I have pain within 1 hr.
With my first, that he begged me for, he went out and partied the entire time. I went into labor and he was going to go play poke. After I almost killed him he stayed. Now I'm unplanned pregnant this time and he was very happy about it. Now he is o a spiritual journey so doesn't help when I need him too. Only in his own time. Why do I stay?
Anyone using a rowing machine?
Hi all, With my first BF was painful, fibromyalgia. I lasted 15 months. I'm 4 months pregnant and my breasts have become lumpy in the 5 years since I nursed. I'm worried that the pain could be worse this time. What natural remedies have you tried that have worked? I'm thinking of applying magnesium oil to my breasts.
I've heard if you really want to keep the babies weight down, eat low carb during pregnacy and make sure to excercise.
Yeah! It's working! So I switched again to another solution of 1 1/2 cups distiller water and 3/4 T of Betadine. Just got recheck for BV from my midwife. She said to finsh this week of douching with the above formula every morning. Then throughout the rest of the pregnancy to do it once or twice a week.
Anyone know how to make a tincture? Is it just put some raw in some alcohol for a few months to years?
There are many different types of practioners you can be treated by. I am a practioner of Urogenital visceral manipulation therapist, crainosacral therapist and physical therapist. I had a home birth with tearing that I was able to rehab myself. I have also rehabbed others who have had painful sex post partum. Other types of practioners are accupuntuists, biofeedback specialists and other type of pelvic floor physical therapists. If the wound is closed and there is no...
I just squat and do kegals at the same time as part of my excersice routine. I do it for a couple of minutes at a time. It really loosens my back out. Since my pelvic bones are all flared in the squatting position, I feel it is safe to strengthen my muscles sine they are at their maximal length, as stretched as I can get them.
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