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Yep. I'm quite apathetic right now, but mostly with regards to the pregnancy. It's unplanned and frankly a terrible time for me to be pregnant. I have so much going on there isn't much I care about outside of my son and what's going on with us. I know I have depression issues, but I don't feel sad and hopeless like I do when that kicks up, just apathy.
I'm with you. I feel movement very early. I'm 9 weeks but I swear I'm feeling little flips. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I don't think I am.
I was gushing over the fact that my baby is between a kidney beans and a kumquat. It's soo weird that they're that tiny and growing. I'm squeeing with you.
Right now I have aversions to all food. It's so frustrating. occasionally something sounds good but then doesn't when I actually go to eat it
Cause I need a happy thought to deter me from my nausea and lack of appetite. I have nails. I've always had frail and flaky nails. Even in my last pregnancy. I can grow my nails out. And they're so strong. It's weird but absolutely welcome. Anybody else having positive symptoms?
I'm about 8 weeks along right now. I've done all the reading/etc in a previous pregnancy, but didn't go through due to my partner's apprehension.. I'm considering going th e UC route this time. Ideas? Where do I start? I know I will need to get the homeopathic and stuff, is there a good list for that? I figured you ladies would be the best to help me out here. TIA!
Also, my edd is may 27th if you wanted to update that. No need if you don't want to. Thanks @Earthylady
@SynEpona Yay! Was waiting to see your intro. So happy to share a DDC with you again.
It was a study about neuron development in mice. Not sure why the link wasn't working. The title was a lot more extreme than the article itself.
I personally don't get Ultrasounds while pregnant. I remember reading while pregnant with my first that the Ultrasounds used today are eight times stronger than those they tested initially. That made me very uncomfortable. I also wasn't worried about any defects or anything. If there was some indication that the babe or I were unhealthy I may have gone for one, depending on the issues. I came across this article today which I thought...
New Posts  All Forums: