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There is a raw foods vegan restaurant in Guelph, ON that uses them (exclusively, I hear). I've had my eye on them (for home use), but am going to try making one. If that really doesn't work out, then I'll be more willing to shell out the cash!
Quote: Originally Posted by 4evermom I've heard agave is pretty bad, like HFCS. Really?? Any ideas of the source, or the rational behind it? I was planning on buying 4L of raw agave necatar and splitting it with a friend who raves about it.
I've read a bunch about kefir tonight, and I didn't come across an answer to this. I have a question that's still unanswered as well: when I wasn't doing well on milk products, I threw my kefir grains in a jar of water and stored it in a part of my fridge that gets very cold (many items freeze there). I wonder if the grains are still okay. Probably best to try them out, I guess!
Quote: Originally Posted by E.V. Lowi As for hooking in yarns, I'm no help as I don't make my wigs this way. I crochet the yarn strands directly into the wig- I don't make a cap first. I've heard about this, but haven't the slightest clue how to do it. Are there free instructions out there for this method? Or perhaps you could make a tute for us, E.V. Lowi Quote: I do use a cap when I make a pate/strand style wig- where you wrap...
I'm currently making a 16" doll (kit from Dancing Rain Dolls) for my 6 year old, but I have a feeling it's going to be well used, and the next one I'll make would ideally be like Jess. Too bad there isn't a pattern for it. E.V. Lowi: which pattern of Joy's do you think is closest to looking like Jess? Perhaps I can scale the pattern to be larger?
Tung oil is often used to finish children's toys, and is from the seed of the nut of tung trees. Other nut oils, such as walnut, can also be used for finishing wood. Food sensitivities or allergies will be a consideration of course.
I only have fibre reactive dyes. How could I adapt this method for those? Here's the Dharma recommendation, but it won't work for the rainbow silk as is: http://www.dharmatrading.com/info/dyeing_wool.html
Quebec based diaper manufacturer: http://www.ampdiapers.com/
I have two cast iron "food choppers", one of which I tried this morning to grind Kamut, without much success. Anyone else used these for grinding grains?
Thanks mama! sbgrace, I didn't know eggs reduce absorption of iron. The livers I eat are from grain fed organic chickens - I am yet to find pasture fed here I'm going to pick up some oranges soon, and look up other Vit. C rich foods FrannieP, I am yet to read those links fully, but I definately need to understand their relation better. lindberg99, I am looking in to Floradox again. I used it througout my last pregnancy because my Ferritin levels were low (but...
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