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Your home sounds and looks splendid. Yes, it needs some work, but in my neck of the woods, it's impossible to find a home in a natural setting at that price! Perhaps this is not of any help to you, but thought I'd share it just incase: We have a very large living room, with one end as our work area (which we need for our computer and DP's music equipment). The area looks like a disaster on most days. I'm seriously considering hiring a carpenter to make a unit to...
Wow Vanessa. Yours is wonderful! We too have a laundry room in a small closet space. Our biggest issue is overflowing laundry bins. We need to work on getting rid of the excess clothing we have, because I think that's what will make all the difference.
I'm not a machine collector, though I am very intrigued by treadle machines. There are a few for sale locally, and I'd like to go see and test them this weekend, so I need the inside scoop! (asking is between $135 and $200) Do you all think they would be good machines for kids to learn at? My kids will definitely learn to sew (hand and machine) from me (I think perhaps it'll be difficult for them to reach the treadle until they're older though). If you have one, do...
No one?
My kids enjoy dried fruit, and I'd prefer if they were raw. The only place I've found raw organic dried fruit close to me is this farm, and I find their prices quite steep (are they?). Anyone have a good cheaper source for these?
I do love cardboard boxes for the kids to play with (and they love them! - thanks for that website ), but I'm not sure the grandparents will be terribly fond of those :/ A more finished product will appeal to them more.
My kids really like those Little Tykes Indoor houses, but I wouldn't get one because they're all plastic, and we all really prefer wooden toys. While I don't think we need a playhouse at our home (we have playstands), it would be wonderful for the grandparents home. Has anyone seen indoor playhouses, and if so how much do they typically cost?
"Of 30 infant deaths in 2006 and the first months of 2007, Cairns said that 20 were caused by "co-sleeping" with adults or other unsafe sleeping environments." I love how they clump responsible cosleeping with "unsafe cosleeping" (where excess drugs, alcohold etc. are involved) and "other unsafe sleeping environments". It's all the same Oh and I think they should've used to the word "bedsharing" because cosleeping itself is nothing more than having a child sleep...
Not a medical reason (so not really relevant I guess, but it's interesting): I read an account of a guy who got circ. as an adult because he wanted to be an adult entertainer. It seems that perhaps in that industry they often discriminate against intactness of males.
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