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Yes, it should be banned. The parents are not morally and ethically entitled to modify the genitalia of a child. They don't realise that he is a very young man, with 80 years or more in front of him, MOST of which he will be a sexual being. Circumcision is promoted with one aim, to blunt the pleasure of masturbation and intercourse, both Jewish and Muslim authorities admit this. Christians are told in the Bible that circumcision is NOT required as a follower of Jesus....
If you look at   http://healthguide.howstuffworks.com/circumcision-picture.htm   You will notice that though the first picture shows a normal baby, the sequence does not indicate that circ is elective surgery.  I left the following feedback:   This page does not mention that cosmetic surgery on babies is unethical and immoral.  It also does not explain that circumcision destroys the most sensitive part of a boy's penis, and does not warn that it is seen by...
"Below is a link to a slide show drawing of the infant male anatomy both natural and surgically altered. http://health-guide.howstuffworks.com/circumcision-picture.htm"   That is a totally biased page, no mention of the fact that it is a completely optional procedure, very destructive, and having no regard for the feelings of the boy himself, or the effects perhaps 50 years later.  No wonder so many American people still think that circ is normal.  
I wasn't anti-circ even when my husband told me he hated the fact that he was cut, but now that it causes problems with intercourse, I am totally anti-circ, and so are my nurse and doctor.
"It looks like a little worm"!  And why ever not, until puberty it has only one function, to urinate through, and indicate the gender of the owner.  If it satisfies those functions, it is perfect.  As Hubby says, "It hardly gets bigger, although the rest of you does, until those hormones get going."  "But it's still big enough."  You can take it from him, intact would have been better, but a doctor decided otherwise.
I was unable to breastfeed our daughter, or perhaps it was the hospital staff who didn't/couldn't get me started, but I had a wonderful team of nurses at the hospital when our son was born.  It seems as though my nipples were blocked, but a nurse put her hands around my breast and squeezed firmly.  Milk flowed, and son nursed.  Next feed, I couldn't  get the other nipple going so she did it again.  I fed him for 11 and a half months, then he suddenly didn't want to know...
My husband says that he didn't know he was circ'd until he was 11 years old, he knew other boys were different but put it down to the fact that no two people are identical in every way, so it didn't worry him.  But as he grew older, he realised that intact was better, and now is restoring what he has left.  As intact is becoming the most numerous state everywhere nowadays, even circ'd fathers have to accept that they have to leave their baby boys intact.
We were adamant that our son would be left intact, though we were still asked.  My husband is cut, (though he does not know if his father is, family nakedness was not done then,) and he did not want his son to have this personal right taken away without permission.  Our son is now 26, has never asked why his Dad is 'different', and has never had a problem.
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