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yep, drugstore, health food store, Whole Foods market.  once they get a good normal rhythm down, you can eliminate it altogether. 
wow--i did not realise that NY makes you jump through so many hoops.  we live n New Jersey, and don't need to 'prove' anything regarding religious beliefs.  we've thought of possibly moving out of Jersey at some point--but due to this information, and also all the rules with homeschooling that NY has, we will definitely cross living in NY right off of the list!!  such a shame they make you got through that.
sounds like food sensitivity to me as well, but look into melatonin.  natural, safe...helps re-regulate a natural circadian rhythm.  one dose, 10 minutes later will see him sleeping peacefully!
my husband is a carpenter(read:very dirty clothing), and i have 5 kids plus i'm raising my niece and nephew.  9 people is a lot of laundry...i do one load every morning, and before bed i do one little load of hubby's work clothes(wash then throw in the dryer before bed).  in the morning i take out his clean clothes, do one load of the day's laundry, and fold/put away right away.  we have a very VERY small house and our washer/dryer is in our extremely tiny kitchen. ...
i have a bold suggestion.  keep an open mind, and while it's opened, do some reading on unschooling.  many people greatly mistake it for unparenting.  i was in EXACTLY the same position you described above, only i have 5 children.  homeschooling was becoming a nightmare.  someone suggested unschooling to me and i laughed it right out of the conversation.  until i decided i wanted to enjoy life, and i wanted my children to enjoy life.  i read a book by Sandra Dodd(she can...
also, just wanted to add, that i looked at the above link for kansas law, and it says 'each child enrolling or enrolled for the first time in a preschool or day care program operated by a school'.  so, in other words, if the daycare or preschool is part of the public school system, then your exemption stands and you can enroll with no problem.  this does NOT apply to private daycare/preschool programs.
i'd first like to state that we do NOT vax our 5 children at all(my oldest 11 yrs, was vaccine injured with MMR vax and so we ended it right there).  and also would like to say that i was the assistant director of a private preschool/daycare for a number of years.  only once did we have a family begin to enroll their children who had religious reasons for opting out...and the director would not accept them into the school.  i was embarassed about it for the families...
i think i've finally found the current moms of many thread? haha, i think i posted in two or three others before finding this one...so here goes a repeat of my post.  homeschooling/unschooling mama to 5(ages 11, 8, 5, 3, 1) and also raising my niece(3) and nephew(2).  love meeting and chatting with other busy mamas! 
hi everyone!  homeschooling/unschooling mama to 5 (ages 11, 8, 5, 3, and 1) and also raising my niece(3) and nephew(2).  would love to chat with other busy mamas!
thumbs up for all the coconut oil users!!  my husband is a carpenter and not only do his hands crack and bleed from being dried out due to weather, work-realted issues like drywall, etc...but he used to have a terrible candida overgrowth which resulted in cracked, broken, yellowed and deformed fingernals and nail beds.  he started slathering crazy amounts of cocnut oil on before bed(very high in anti-fungal properties) and after a while not only did his hands become...
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