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I don't think you'll have issues because of one day. I'm more concerned that you might get a plugged duct, I'm not sure if you'll be able to express milk before or after the surgery, try doing that if the opportunity arises.
I let her when she wants to, I don't have to be ridiculed in school. Once she wanted the hair from her arms removed when she was 8, it was a one time thing and didn't reoccur until now, she'll be 11 soon.
No, my husband does.
Quote: Originally Posted by kidspiration anyone who knows anything about autism is that there is no such thing as the 'classic common variety' of autism. So gets to decide who knows something and who doesn't? On its own, saying this doesn't mean anything.
if you really have the fetal ejection reflex it doesn't matter what they say, you will push if you want or not. And you probably won't have the breath to say anything, so too bad
Quote: Originally Posted by suschi I honestly cannot understand how anyone can look at the side by side comparison and not have some twinge of terror and wonder if maybe, just maybe, the vax program may be doing more harm than good. Cause correlation doesn't imply causation? What's that, 1 lesson in statistics? Maybe 2nd?
Quote: Vaccines that are supposed to safeguard their health yet, according to our studies, can also do harm to some children. Awesome, where can I read those?
Quote: Originally Posted by kidspiration i'm just not comfortable with screwing with nature so profoundly. we already had a biological mechanism in place to protect the little ones...and now due to vaccinations, this natural mechanism is totally messed up. thanks a lot! : No, breastfeeding does not protect against measles for longer than roughly 6 months and only if the mother has enough antibodies which might not be the case even if she has...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gitti No deaths. 95% were unvaccinated. Mostly kids from 5 - 9 yo. http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/m...499692,00.html . It also says measles are a leading cause of death for children worldwide.
Quote: Originally Posted by cloak People back in the day did think measles was no big deal, just like my generation did with chicken pox. Vaccinating everyone for measles has actually made it a more severe disease in those most vulnerable. No one likes to mention that in the newspapers though. http://insidevaccines.com/wordpress/?p=65 That link doesn't exactly prove anything. Older books are full of stories with people having measles and...
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